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Elite Builders London are a trailblazer in the steelwork sector in London. We have garnered over 10 years of experience which has given us the much-needed expertise in the field of engineering, infrastructure and construction. Our core values are aligned with our resolve to provide outstanding steel engineering services and excellent customer outcomes in all steelwork tasks. A main area of speciality here at Elite Builders London is providing exceptional engineering designs, fabrication and installation of steel structures. We are highly experienced in carrying out projects involving steel support systems for flooring, loft conversions, large building structures and even high rise buildings.

Our commitment to high quality steelwork, competitive quotes and high standard of tradesmen have won us contracts all over London and an excellent reputation. We can effectively review steelwork designs at project inception, or complete designs ourselves, and complete the entire project process. We understand the importance of every project, and we assure you maximum satisfaction from feasibility and conceptual phase through the steelwork construction phase.

Areas of Specialisation

At Elite Builders London, our services cut across different fields which includes gates and railings, architectural balustrading, industrial, and commercial applications, beams and columns for multi-storey buildings, and much more.

Elite Builders London ensures commitment and efficiency are utilised in providing quality steelwork services for general contractors, construction management, and engineering design services for both private and public companies.

Our Guarantee

  • Excellent Reputation
  • Customer Focused
  • Over 40 years Combined Experience
  • Fully Insured
  • Fully Qualified
  • Building Guarantee

Our Services


Elite Builders London provides designs for steelwork with the use of modern software for steel structures. We have a design team that are always prepared to meet your steelwork project design requirements. Our design services include fabrication and layout drawings, engineering calculations, interpretation, and other design projects . We provide technical support for steelwork supply, and large house builds and loft conversions.


Elite Builders London provides fabrication services for steelwork with a team of well trained and experienced welders who meet the BEN-1090-2 standards up to the level of EXC2. We offer a wide range of coating and site welding services to our clients.

We can fabricate all the essential steelwork needed for project execution which includes CHS props amounting to about 2000 dia, wailing beams, plunge columns and UB or UC props.

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Elite Builders London makes use of skilled and proficient steel erectors certified with SMSTS/SSSTS and CSCS cards to carry out the installation of steelworks. We are committed to installing steel supplied by us, as well as those supplied by your sources. Our team of experienced personnel offer drilling, cutting and site welding services. We can also help you modify your existing structures, loft structures and connect extensions through effect steel supports.

Offsite Services

If you are in search of a high-quality solution to steel fabrication that can meet your building requirements and give you a custom design which can be promptly and timely delivered to you, then you can count on our off-site building service to get the job done.

Full Project Management

We provide complete project management services involving site preparation, groundwork, and all steelworks. We can take on all of the steelwork needs of your project. We can project manage from design through to getting cranes on-site to get the steel in place on your building structure.

Why Choose Us?

Elite Builders London are experienced in the erection of different types of steel buildings.

From industrial facilities, shops and warehouses to residential building sites, we are a trusted solution for sourcing and erecting metal structures. Our team can carry out steel building erections at height. We have the required workforce to ensure timely construction of your buildings at competitive prices.

We deliver quality

We do not compromise on quality at Elite Builders London, so you have nothing to worry as your satisfaction is guaranteed. We have as our core values, integrity, performance and quality to guide us in meeting your steelwork needs. Right from the point of the first contact with you, we provide outstanding customer service. We provide technical assistance for steelwork project planning, shipping coordination and throughout the steel construction milestones.

Always on time

We deliver steel projects on schedule without fail. We know that the steelwork is crucial to be able to move on to the next stage in a home extension, new build, or at any other construction stage, so we make sure we get to site when we were booked to arrive.

Professional builders

With the presence of experienced, insured and certified building professionals, you can have peace of mind when you engage our steelwork team. We are qualified, experienced and follow best industry practices when doing all steelwork projects.

We are passionate

At Elite Builders London, we appreciate the strength of steel materials and their significance to each project. You enjoy the process and challenge of designing and installing steel structures and are passionate about what we do.

Quick turnaround

We know how important it is to work at a fast pace on steelwork. With our already fabricated steel parts, we save a lot of time that would have been spent sourcing steel parts from other companies. We work fast producing steel designs off site, and are efficient when it comes to putting steel beams, joists and supports in place.

Extensive local network

We have a vast network of suppliers and we can source or make any products that you need.

Excellent customer service

Here at Elite Builders London, we build and maintain client relationships, and look for ways to satisfy our clients completely in every steelwork project.

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Open and honest communication

We endeavour to have an open channel of communication with our clients through all stages of construction. Our open communication has placed us at a top-level in the steel construction industry where we are now recognised as a leading supplier of steel for building projects in London. We’d love to have you on board as our client.

Competitive prices

Do you need a contractor who is licenced and capable of handling projects involving erection of residential or commercial steel buildings? We offer both safe and reliable steel service to our clients. Our steelworks prices are competitive, and we can help you erect steel buildings fast and efficiently. Call us now on 020 8987 8071 to get a free steelworks quote.

Health & safety

Elite Builders London are safety conscious, and we regard the safety of our workforce, customers and members of the public as a topmost priority in all steel projects. We always endeavour to meet safety standards, be it on-site or in the workshop. All aspects of our steelwork construction work are done to meet the requirements of the Design and Management standards of 2007.

At Elite Builders London, we follow steelworks best practice and comply strictly with all safety regulations. We enforce a strict adherence to safety guidelines when erecting steel buildings.

Our equipment is expertly calibrated and maintained according to manufacturer standards so that our steelwork is completed safely and efficiently.

The services of third party companies are employed for equipment testing and calibration, including measuring welding equipment. We ensure that our electrical equipment is sent for Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) at six months intervals. PAT testing on electrical equipment helps to ensure the operator’s safety both on-site and in the workshop. We put our lifting equipment through the Safe Working Load (SWL) test. This operation ensures that steel lifting equipment meets the required maximum load without any issue, as stated in the vendor’s package.

We always strive to ensure that safety standards are met. We make sure that our workmen are vigilant and professional, and that we encourage awareness of site risks in order to prevent workplace accidents.

The confidence placed on us by our clients, quality delivery, excellent performance, safety adherence and integrity have propelled us to experience tremendous growth in the industry.

The Advantages of Using Steel in Your Construction

  • Most construction projects make use of steel in buildings. Steel has, over the years, become a top choice building material.
  • Buildings constructed with steel have been reported to enjoy a longer life span.
  • Steel materials are less expensive than many other metals but durable. Steel has a higher material strength to withstand vibrations, infestation by insects, and even harsh weather conditions.
  • Steel produces below 10 per cent carbon emissions and utilises below 3 per cent energy expended during construction; lower in comparison to buildings made with many other materials of construction.
  • Buildings made from stainless steel are less expensive to maintain and easy to weld.
  • Stainless steel has a considerably lower glare reflectance which is suitable for use as roofing materials especially in airports for preventing light reflection for pilots. Stainless steel has functional thermal reflectance capacity, which helps to keep roofing surfaces at moderate temperatures.
  • Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion when exposed to water which is a crucial feature making steel suitable for use in construction.

Elite Builders London works in synergy with engineers and architects in fabricating architectural steel to meet specific requirements.

If you are looking for an ideal solution for industrial or storage facilities, our steel buildings can serve as perfect examples. The buildings are constructed with galvanised steel materials which can last up to twenty-five years without experiencing any corrosion.

The Steel Construction Certification Scheme

Founded in the early part of the 1980s, SCCS, which is an arm of the British Constructional Steelwork Association, was established to improve the quality and certification of steelwork contracting management systems for organisations. Further certifications and regulating services have been developed by SCCS  which monitors contractors involved in steelwork and ensures proper Health, Safety. and Environment (HSE) practice. The body adjusts control systems for steel factory production and management systems.


At Elite Builders London, we are actively involved with several associations in the steel industry. We are active members of professional associations, and we ensure that we play our part in enhancing the standard of the industry. We strive to create an enabling environment for builders to thrive.

British Stainless Steel Association

The promotion and development of stainless steel in the UK is the core responsibility of the British Stainless Steel Association (BSSA).  The BSSA, which has its location in Sheffield, offers technical advice, marketing support, education, training and information on different types of stainless steel.

British Constructional Steelwork Association

The advancement of using structural steelwork to improve understanding of the activities in the steel manufacturing industry, provision of professional assistance to members in the form of technical, contractual, commercial, HSE and quality assurance service to members are the objective of British Constructional Steelwork Association (BCSA).

Steel Construction Institute

For over 25 years, the Steel Construction Institute (SCI) has been offering information on global engineering practice. They are at the forefront when it comes to providing expertise, technical support and best engineering practice in the steel manufacturing industry.

Council for Aluminium

The Council for Aluminium (CAB) supports the architectural aluminium building sector. The CAB encourages the use of aluminium materials in carrying out construction and developmental activities.

CAB members are actively involved in the design, construction, extrusion, finishing, fabrication, installation and manufacturing of aluminium products.

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Getting steelwork services from us begins with a request for a quotation. We understand the effect of steelwork costs on projects, and that it is an expensive part of the construction process. Our steelwork prices are competitive. We appreciate the importance of providing value for money, transparent all inclusive quotes and premium quality steel products as we strive to build our reputation for delivering quality steel services to our clients.

You can get in touch on our phone lines by calling 020 8987 8071 if you need any of our steelwork services. You will get instant prices, timely delivery, and friendly, professional steel workers and lifting and handling operators. At Elite Builders London, we are always prepared to offer expert advice regarding your steelwork requirements.

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Can stainless steel rust in saltwater?
It is often believed that stainless steel does not undergo corrosion when it comes in contact with water, even seawater. This is a misconception as stainless steel can indeed undergo corrosion when it is exposed to water over a very long period, and seawater can make rust faster. In a buildings lifespan stainless steel is unlikely to rust though.
What can make stainless steel rust?
A tiny invisible layer is formed when stainless steel is exposed to moisture or atmospheric oxygen. The product formed is known as chromium oxide. The invisible layer formed on the surface of stainless steel is responsible for its resistance to corrosion and stains. Damage to this protective layer can lead to the formation of rust in the damaged areas.
How long will stainless steel last?
Stainless steel is estimated to be durable for up to 1200 years in an ideal environment before pitting can occur.
What metal is bulletproof?
Ballistic materials are also referred to as bullet-resistant materials. Anti-ballistic materials are firm but can sometimes be flexible. These type of materials comes with some complexities, e.g. UHMWPE, Kevlar, carbon fibre complex materials, Lexan etc. Ballistic materials can also be simple, as seen in the case of titanium or steel.
Can stainless steel rust?
While it is true that stainless steel can rust, it cannot corrode under normal water-based or atmospheric conditions. We can safely say that stainless steel can only corrode under specific requirements that are not normally present in buildings.
Is aluminium stronger than steel?
Steel is much harder when compared to aluminium, even though they are both susceptible to corrosion. Aluminium alloys and some spinnable tempers easily scratch, ding or dent in comparison to steel. Steel outweighs aluminium in terms of its density and weight.
Which steel is the strongest?
When steel is mixed with some elements, the alloy formed can very strong. Vanadium steel is a very strong type of steel. Many companies have manufacture different varieties of steel with high tensile strength up to 5205Mpa. Micro-Melt steel tool is a steel variant among the ten most hardened steels. Steel needs high compression resistance. The right steel for a project will depend on the forces it needs to resist.
Is stainless stronger than steel?
The carbon content of stainless steel is relatively low, which makes it less stronger than steel containing more carbon. Stainless steel tends to be less hard than normal steel. Both stainless steel and ordinary steel can possess magnetic properties, but stainless steel tends to not be magnetic in most cases.
What is the difference between metal and steel?
The most significant difference between metal and steel is that steel can be classified as an alloy of metallic iron while metal is a classification of elements which are found in the earth and can be brought from the ground through mining activities. Metals in general show properties of elasticity and are nonmagnetic and highly resistant to corrosion and tarnishing.
Do you deal with private steel clients?
Of course, we work with private individuals. We are often asked to support them in providing lintels, columns, beams, and different steelwork which can be used to carry out extensions and decorative or gate features. We ensure everything is of a high standard when attending to enquiries irrespective of the project size.

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