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Elite Builders London is committed to delivering energy-efficient skylights in various styles and colours to our clients when they need it. Our domestic and commercial solutions draw in a lot of natural light, which makes them  ideal for your business or home. Not only are our skylights great for the environment, but they are also designed to help improve the aesthetics of a building.

Our skylights come in various styles, so you can readily find the right skylights for your pitched or flat roof. The Elite Builders London skylights also come in multiple pyramid/dome skylights designs and with features like motorised venting systems, hurricane resistant glass, rain sensors and temperature controls.

Our roofing products can be customised to fit any specification and space. If you want better lighting, are looking to create a stunning focal point in your room or want to add ventilation options, we can deliver the ideal solution to match your needs.

What is a skylight? 

A skylight, also known as a rooflight, is a structure with light-transmitting properties. Skylights make up part or all of the roof space on a building and provide daylighting. Skylights are a popular choice for designing natural daylight flow in commercial, public and residential buildings.

The skylights to be installed would depend on the type of roof. For example, the one for a pitched roof is different from the one used for flat roofs. Regardless of type, skylights can be manual or  fitted with electric motors for ventilation and roof access.

What are the advantages of having skylights?

Creates natural light (and solar heating) 

One of the major benefits of skylights is that they bring in natural light into any space. Along with the lights comes solar heat. Why does this matter? Natural light is great for improving mood and can help with performance especially in the workplace. In addition, solar heating can save you heating costs in the cold months.


Skylights can be fitted with electric remotes to open up the skylight and get fresh air into the room. Fresh air is important even if your building is centrally air-conditioned. Say yes to skylights, say yes to fresh air!

Skylights improve a home’s aesthetics 

Skylights are very stunning in themselves but they can also improve the overall beauty of a home. The natural light the skylight draws in illuminates everything. It highlights certain architectural qualities in the room and makes colours more vibrant. This is a well-known trick that interior designers understand, using natural light to improve the positive quality in home design.

To get started with having a skylight installed in your home, please get in touch with our skylights specialist today. We will gladly guide you through the selection process. Because the sun moves all through the day, your skylights will need to be installed at the right angle to catch it.

Decreased energy consumption 

With a skylight, your dependency on artificial lighting is reduced. This can decrease your electricity use by as much as 40% and your heating bill as well.

Great for health 

According to some studies, daylight positively affects the physiological and psychological well-being of human beings. In certain spaces, it can increase productivity. For example, in commercial places such as car parks, swimming pools, and retail stores, a commercial skylight will make the place seem more pleasant which will put your customers at ease.


A lot of homes today are built closely together, this creates the problem of privacy with open windows. Having skylights installed can solve this problem. You can the natural daylight and ventilation you need while retaining privacy because skylights are installed on the roof, taking away the need for windows.

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The styles and types of skylight Elite Builders London offers 

Flat skylights 

The Elite Builders London flat skylights are made with frames with an insulated core. The end result? A window that traps in heat. With this heat efficiency, your home can become warm quickly and stay that way longer. In addition, you’ll get an overall U-value of 1.2w/m2k, which means lower energy bills and comfortable home.

Fixed skylights 

Fixed skylights are totally sealed to the roof, they can not be opened for ventilation. This kind of skylight is majorly used in low lit areas like stairwells and attics. Fixed skylights are made up of 90% glass and 10% frames made of aluminium, timber or steel.

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Ridge skylights 

The Elite Builders London ridge metal frame skylight structures can be designed in whatever custom configuration you stipulate. Our framing system can span a width of 40ft. Length? Unlimited. The Elite Builders London ridge skylights are available in various high-performance glazing and finishing options. With our ridge skylights, you get to enjoy the maximum amount of natural light possible indoors. The rising sun in the East and the setting sun in the West can be captured using this type of skylight.

Barrel vault skylights 

Barrel vault skylights are great for opening up corridors and doorways. They offer translucent or transparent vaulted space above, and a set of arched rafters from hemispherical skylights to low vaults with glazed vertical ends. Barrel vault skylights cover building connecting walkways and are typically attached to vertical walls on both or at either end. The vault radius is typically determined by aesthetic requirements and architectural conditions.

Modular skylights 

Modular Skylights are specially crafted to bring in natural light into modern flat spaces. The modular skylight system can be seamlessly installed into the existing design of your home or incorporated in a new design at the planning stage. All the components of our modular skylights are prefabricated to ensure that it can be easily installed and it is of high quality.

Curb mounted skylights 

Curb mounted skylights are one of the most popular kinds of skylights available today. They are relatively affordable and work well in any type of setting. Curb skylights can also be either built on-site or delivered by Elite Builders London.

Custom skylights

If the skylight’s dimension is greater than 6 x4, we custom make the skylights to order. Our custom skylights come in various colours, styles and shapes, but regardless of size, the lead time for fabrication is about 6 weeks. Our custom skylights frames are made from high-strength extruded aluminium, along with the best modern glass available.

Typically over 1 inch thick, with double layers of laminated and tempered glass, an air gap with argon gas in between for a greater terminal barrier, custom skylights can come on various tints. The glass can also be fitted with LoE3 Solarban (a metallic coating that blocks over 99.9% of UV rays) skyscraper quality glass.

Tubular skylights 

A Tubular skylight is built to make use of a rooftop doom to capture the sun’s rays. The captured light is then transferred indoors via a very reflective tube-shaped duct. The light, once in the duct is transmitted by a diffuser mounted in the ceiling, which disperses the natural light to the rooms. As opposed to traditional skylights that require a direct line of sight, tubular devices can be designed to avoid attic obstructions and get the light where it is required, in many instances, as much is up to 40 feet.

Dome-shaped skylights

Dome-shaped skylights offer the same advantages as flat glass roof lights, with the addition of polycarbonate roof dome and a single skin, which helps stop external noise from making its way into your home. The additional dome placed over the flat glass rooflight serves as an extra layer of

protection, so rainwater can slide off the unit and not pool on top of your roof. Dome-shaped skylights can either be manually or electrically operated and it is a very affordable skylight option.

Pyramid skylights 

The Elite Builders London pyramid skylights have a high pitch which means allows the most amount of light into a room. Our pyramid skylights are designed to sit on a flat roof or curb. The pyramid skylights is especially popular because of its aesthetic appeal. They are square in shape and have all sides at the same length with the glass coming to a point at the centre.

Venting skylights 

Venting skylights are a great addition to areas in your home that require more ventilation(they can be opened to let in more light or air) . When you carefully place a venting skylights, it can work in hand with other open windows in a home to create a natural cooling system during the summer months.

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The features of our skylights 

Fantastic insulation 

Our skylights ensure your home stays quiet, warm, draft-free and dry.

Sleek design 

Our skylights can improve and enhance the look of your home easily and quickly.

Multiple colours 

Our flat roof skylights can be fitted in whatever colour you desire.


The Elite Builders London uPVC skylights are designed using solid aluminium central rafters to give the roof its structure and the uPVC is used as key pins at the bottom and top.

Noise reduction 

Our skylights are insulated to keep out noise. You will appreciate the noise insulation of our flat roofs provides if you live near a busy road or in a busy neighbourhood.

Select from a range of accessories 

In addition to our skylights coming in various sizes and shapes, you can also choose the accessories you want fitted with your skylight.


Our skylights glazing is made up of glass or plastic. The one we use is dependent on two major factors, your budget and climate. Plastic is the more affordable option and is frequently used with specially shaped skylights. The only drawback is the long-term (it is susceptible to discolouration and scratching over time) look of the plastic.

Glass glazing is the more expensive option but it offers longer-lasting performance in terms of aesthetic appeal. Glass glazing comes in more styles. They are crafted from laminated or tempered glass, self-cleaning glass or a low emitting coating.


Our aluminium skylights are made using aluminium at the bottom and top capping, with cappings that come with a polyamide thermal break at the centre, which separates the bottom and top caps. With this design, the thermal value (U-value) of our aluminium skylight is increased because cold transfer from the skylight has been stopped which prevents condensation from forming on the surface of the aluminium.


At Elite Builders London, we supply, manufacture and install timber skylights. Our timber skylights are crafted from engineered woods like Red Grandis, Sapele,and other kinds of sustainable hardwoods, depending on their availability at the time of order and section size. Another go-to option is European oak, for clients who want a natural oak frame coated with natural Osmo UV resistant oils, which enhances the colour and grain of the timber.

The Elite Builders London skylights specialist services 

Skylight removal 

Would you like to replace your old skylight with a new one or completely remove the skylight from your home? Elite Builders London can help repair the roof, ceiling, add a new skylights or remove your old skylight.

Skylight repair 

The type of skylight repair to be done could be anything from simply replacing the acrylic dome, to the complete removal and replacement of the entire skylights or the repairing of the soundproofing material. If your skylight is faulty, please get in touch. A skylight repair contractor will get the job done right the first time. Elite Builders London is such a contractor, we are adept at providing skylight repairs for both commercial and residential structures.

Skylight replacement 

You can trust the team at Elite Builders London to provide affordable, fast and easy skylight replacement service in London. We are one of the leading skylight replacement professionals in London, having successfully replaced skylights in a wide range of styles and sizes.

Skylight installation 

In order to ensure the energy performance of a skylight, even the most efficient energy skylights needs to be properly installed. At Elite Builders London, our team of professional installers will ensure your skylights shaft is insulated and air sealed upon installation.

Skylights design 

At Elite Builders London, we offer a full in-house design services. We can customise our products to fit your exact requirements and provide you with the relevant drawing to help with your planning applications.

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When you get in touch with Elite Builders London, we guarantee that you will get only expert advice and recommendations. We won’t suggest a replacement window, if a simple fix will solve the problem.

Our engineers at Elite Builders London are dedicated to delivering a professional and efficient service, so you only get the best value for your money. All our work is also back by 12 months guarantee. To get a quote or book an appointment, please get in touch today.

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What is the lifespan of a skylight?
A skylight will typically last between 8 to 15 years, based on how it is installed and the quality of materials used to manufacture it.
Will the installation of a skylight make a room hot?
Just like a window, a skylight without insulation can make your room warmer in the summer and colder in the winter. Uninsulated skylights allow warm air to rise to the ceiling, causing heat loss, which is not good. To fix this, you need to ensure your skylights is insulated.
Are skylights energy efficient?
Yes, they are. When properly selected and installed, skylights can provide energy efficiency that can help reduce your heating, lighting and cooling costs.
What is the average size of a skylight?
Big skylights typically have higher rise. Skylights ranges range from 3 to 4 inches by 16 inches width and 24 inches length to 12-14 inches by 60 inches Width and 72 inches length. Tubular skylights are typically not more than 22 inches in diameter but most of them are made in 14 1⁄2 inches wide for the perfect fit in between two ceiling joists and rafters.
Are skylights great for the environment?
Greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide are let into the air when power plants generate electricity. These greenhouse gases cause pollution and change climate pattern that is both harmful to animals and humans. When you use a skylight, you reduce your dependency on electricity. Unlike electricity, skylights provide you with daylighting using the sun’s natural light, which doesn’t require extra energy to run. So yes, the installation of a skylight in your home is great for the environment.
Would a skylight add value to my home?
Yes, its will. A no-leak, energy star qualified skylight will not only increase your home appeal and energy efficiency but will increase its value in the eyes of potential buyers.
Is where the skylights positioned important?
From the building regulations point of view, the position of a skylight is not important. One of the most important things to consider is the UV value. On average, skylights admit 40% more light than a regular window of the same size, this means there is an increased risk of overexposure to UV rays.
Can skylights be opened?
Some can. Skylights come in either operable or fixed models. Operable models (venting) skylight have hinges at the top and can be opened to allow air in. An operable skylight provides generous ventilation, providing fresh air to make the interior of a building more comfortable.
What is a Tubular skylight?
Tubular skylights are made from tube-shaped devices which capture sunlight and deliver it into the interior of a building through reflective line tube and rooftop lenses.
How often would I have to replace my skylights?
Skylights typically only last about 10 to 15 years, so even if there isn’t a leakage, there would be a time when you will need to get it redone. The 15-year mark is a great time to.
Should I be worried about leakage with a skylight?
Skylights do leak. With the passage of time, the flashing and seals will deteriorate, which creates space for water to penetrate your roof. Thankfully, modern skylights are not as prone to leaks as the more traditional versions. It is important to note also, even the best skylights would leak if they are not installed properly.
How can my skylight be maintained?
Soak the plastic or glass in mild soapy water to loosen dirt and debris from the outside then rinse using a non-abrasive, mild glass cleaner. Do not forget to remove the glass cleaner immediately using a lint-free or squeegee cloth.
Are skylights a great addition to a property?
Skylights are very good design feature in any structure because they bring in natural light. For homeowners, skylights offer numerous advantages. They can increase the value (equity of a home) and can solve the lighting issues in cold, dark or stuffy rooms.
What is the difference between a roof window, a skylight and a rooflight?
Skylights and rooflights are the exact same thing but roof window is a slightly different product. In spite of the slight difference, skylights, roof windows and roof lights function in a similar manner, they improve the quality of lighting in any living space or room.
What are the materials used to make skylights?
Skylights (aka roof lights) are usually made from acrylic single glazed pile (light diffusing) moulded units. The top glazing can either be tinted /clear acrylic, glass or polycarbonate. Skylights usually feature long white coloured or flexible light wells, with a diffuser panel that is fitted at the ceiling level.
What is the use of a skylight?
Skylights provide ventilation, a view, lighting and in some cases emergency exit. Skylights are majorly used to provide ventilation and daylighting.

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