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Basement Conversions

Elite Builders London is one of London’s top basement conversion firms. We offer comprehensive basement build and design packages and deliver our services to meet the expectations and needs of every single one of our clients. Each stage of our basement conversion service delivery is coordinated, with every single detail taken into account, from the first consultation and visit to your property through to the final finishing touches on your basement.

The Elite Builders London basement conversion team has successfully transformed many basements in London. We have gathered invaluable experience working in both traditional and modern styled spaces, implementing innovative technological solutions for basements of different sizes. With our wealth of experience, we deliver top-quality service every single time we convert a basement into a living space.

We want everyone to be able to get the basement they want, which is why the cost for our services is based on the unique requirements of each basement conversion project.

To find out more about how we convert basements, please click here. If you would like a free quote to find out how much it will cost to convert your basement, then call 020 8987 8071.

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What is basement conversion?

Basement conversion is a term used to describe transforming a basement into a habitable room. There are different types of basement conversion: basic conversions and conversions that require expansions and excavation work done in order for the basement to become a living space.

Basement conversions are often the go-to choice for property owners who would like additional living space in urban areas, where the option of building an outdoor extension is limited.

Basements are much closer to the main living area than a loft extension, making them an ideal indoor living space extension option.

What can a converted basement be used for?

  • Internal garage
  • Rental units
  • Laundry
  • Swimming pool
  • Games room
  • Home gym
  • Media room/entertainment room
  • Shower
  • Playroom
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Home Office

Our basement conversion service

Elite Builders London offers the complete basement conversion solution for homeowners or property developers looking to improve an existing basement or convert an unused basement. Our basement conversion service includes:

Basement waterproofing

Thanks to modern technology and improved materials, your basement no longer has to be a dark lonely space. You can also say goodbye to the problem of damp and water as waterproofing your basement is now possible, if you hire professionals. When a basement is properly built and designed, it can be used for any purpose, even as an open-plan kitchen.

For your basement waterproofing service in London, get in touch with Elite Builders London today.

New Basement conversions

If you have an unused basement and would like to extend your working or living space, a new basement conversion is best. By converting your basement, you will also increase the value of your building while creating an additional space in your home without having to move. We can handle all the work required for a new basement conversion including plumbing, electrics, windows, decorating, kitchen plastering, bathrooms and finishing.

Elite Builders London is a one-stop-shop. Why work with multiple companies when you can enjoy the services of one competent contractor, simplify your project cost and reduce build time?

To make the process simpler for you, we take care of planning permission, building regulations, health and safety and all the structural elements that go into a basement conversion build.

You can trust us not to contract out the labour for your project as we are a team of fully trained and insured basement conversion contractors. To ensure your job runs smoothly from consultation through to completion, we assign a single project manager to you. In addition, all our services come with an insurance-backed guarantee.

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Basement plastering

After your basement has been waterproofed, the next step of the process is dry lining or plastering. At Elite Builders London, we ensure all new joinery like door linings and skirting boards are fitted with very strong adhesive. The goal is to deliver to you a fully habitable basement you can use to achieve whatever lifestyle you desire. It could be a dining room, a  Home Office, an extra bedroom, or a TV room, the options are endless.

Basement conversion design

Need help with basement conversion design? We are here to help. We can also offer advice on the right type of basement conversion for your basement, the ceiling, practicalities for connection of drainage, how to introduce lighting to your basement and so on. Elite Builders London has a highly experienced and proven building team,  we can design and complete your basement conversion project in and around London.

Basement dampproofing

Spaces below ground level are more susceptible to damp problems as the wall tends to retain water because they are surrounded by earth. In most cases, a dampproofing course is done above ground level which means basement floors are often not protected by a dampproof membrane. Because of this, basement floors and walls are open to penetrating damp and water build-up. Without dampproofing, basements will often have damp to some degree, making them only suitable for storage. Thankfully, this is something we can correct quickly and effectively.

If you would like to dampproof your basement, please get in touch with us to book a survey.

Basement construction

Looking to carry out basement conversion work? We recommend that you hire builders who are highly skilled and trustworthy. Elite Builders London is such a contractor. Our building team is very experienced and highly trained. We carry along our customers at every step of the way, running details of the construction of your basement by you. The goal is to ensure that you are happy with your finished basement. Our past clients only have positive things to say about our basement construction services. Please get in touch today,  to discover for yourself why our basement services are so popular in LONDON. Call 020 8987 8071.

Why choose Elite Builders  London for your basement conversion in London?

High-quality finish

We take pride in the quality and finish of the basement conversion projects we take on. As a team, we work within the relevant building regulations, ensuring we meet your requirements on budget and on time. Bringing your dream basement to reality is all that matters to us.

A unique approach to basement conversion 

One goal for us at Elite Builders London is to build top-quality basement for clients in and around London. Having a combined experience of over 40 years in the building industry, we have the relevant experience in the construction, development and design of basements for all sorts of properties. Our portfolio is diverse and we have built and designed basements that are used as living rooms, bedrooms, swimming pools, gyms, wine cellars and more.

Elite Builders London is one of the leading experts in the basement conversion industry. Over the years, we have built up a stellar reputation in the basement construction industry for being quality-driven, trustworthy and professional; all geared towards delivering the right basements that match your requirements.

Excellent customer service

Elite Builders London is well known for paying attention to detail and for providing premium customer service. We offer complete membrane systems, which can be quickly installed so your basement conversion project can be completed to budget and on time. For your basement waterproofing, conversion or construction, get in touch with Elite Builders London today. We are confident in our ability to deliver you a quality basement conversion.

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Your new basement is just a call away.

Converting your basement into an inviting, habitable room begins with a design consultation with one of our experts at Elite Builders London. Now more than ever, homeowners are opting for basement conversions to extend and create more living space in their property. Not only does this increase the value of the property, but a basement conversion is also a great way to get a new reception room, bedroom, playroom, cinema, office or other living space.

If this is your goal, we can convert your basement in no time. Please call us at Elite Builders London today on 020 8987 8071.

Schedule a survey today

You can book a free survey for us to come and quote you on your basement conversion at a time that is suitable to you or by calling 020 8987 8071.

A member of our basement conversion team will show up to conduct a survey. After the survey is completed, we will give you quotes and, should you choose to move forward, carry out your basement conversion project.

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Can I take on basement conversion myself?

There are parts of the basement conversion you can take on yourself, however, most areas should be contracted to professionals.

Can I have a bedroom in my basement?

Yes, you can. Not all basement room require a legal egress window but there can be no basement bedroom without one. Typically, any bedroom-sized room with closet is considered a bedroom regardless of what is stipulated on the blueprint. As for size requirements, you most probably would need a window that opens at 5.7 ft.²

Is it possible to have a crawl space dug up to create a basement?

This is something you can do if you so desire, however, in our expert opinion we do not recommend this. In order to have your foundation wall extended for a basement, you will need to pour an additional 4 - 6 feet of concrete around your home.

Is waterproofing a basement worth the cost?

Basement waterproofing is a valuable home renovation. Waterproofing your basement offers great ROI, as it helps increase the value of your property which makes it worth the expense.

What is the cost of basement waterproofing?

On average, the cost of waterproofing a basement is between £XXX pounds to £XXX, but it could be less or more depending on other factors like the location of your property.

Can I have my basement expanded without the rest of my home been expanded?

This is subjective. If the current basement is not extended to the full footprint of the house, then it would be easy, as all the expansion can be done in the crawlspace. However, if the basement extends to the full footprint of the house, we recommend you consider if you really need a wider basement. It is still possible to expand but it will cost a lot of money. Foundation and roofing are two of the most expensive projects in a build. A basement extension will require both roofing and foundation, without the added square footage of an entire home build to reduce the overall cost of the new addition per square foot.

How long will a basement conversion take?

The duration of a basement conversion will depend on the extent of the work, the size of the area and kind of conversion being done. For small conversions, it can take as little as four weeks, while for standard basement conversions, you should plan a 10 to 12-week project.

How deep can a basement go?

The average basement is typically about 8 feet in height for a lot of new construction. In older or custom-designed homes it might be more or less. The depth of the basement should be carefully considered because there should be enough footage to have the foundation of the house reinforced.

How do I get more height in my basement?

Contrary to popular assumption, you do not need to dig the foundation in order to get extra height in a basement. One of the ways you can get extra height is to do bench floating, which helps lower the basement floor level and open up the structure of the foundation. This should be done by a general contractor who can create and design a perimeter around the inside of the basement walls.

Can I convert my crawlspace into a basement?

Yes, you can. You can convert your existing crawlspace into a basement After the conversion is completed, you can use this crawlspace for almost any kind of room: home gym, small home office, garage, workshop and so on.

Is it possible to have a basement dug in an existing building?

Yes. It is possible to build a basement on an existing property, but this could cost anywhere from £XXX to £XXX based on the size of the existing crawl space or if the house is on a slab foundation, and how much of the work you are outsourcing to a contractor and how much you want to do yourself.

Will I require planning permission to convert my basement?

In most cases, converting an existing basement or residential cellar will not require planning permission. The situations when planning permission will likely be required are: if it is a separate unit; if the usage is drastically changed; and/or if the conversion will alter the external appearance of your property.

How does basement conversion affect the value of my property?

According to Saville, a basement conversion can increase your property value by 10 to 50%. So, not only do you get extra living space, and get more property value doing so, you can also rent it out or separate it as a flat if you decide to decide not to sell.

What is the cost of digging out a basement?

On average, the base cost of underpinning is set per linear foot. For example, to excavate a two feet depth could cost between £XXX pounds to £XXX pounds per linear foot.

Can my Basements be dug deeper?

It is possible to have your basement dug deeper, however, it is important to note this is an expensive undertaking. Depending on the size of the basement, digging and underpinning could cost anywhere from £XXX pounds to £XXX but you will get the new floor you want.

Are Basement Conversions Safe?

Every single detail is carefully taken into account to ensure your new basement is built to code and in compliance with all building and safety regulations. To ensure this, we only use high-quality materials and the latest excavating and construction technology. All the basements we work on in London are guaranteed. We also provide a unique after-care package for your new basement after the build is complete.

Are basement conversions disruptive?

For your utmost comfort, our basement conversion specialists at Elite Builders London are trained to carry out work causing very minimal disruption to your everyday routine. Our service is personalised and we adhere to deadlines while delivering on every detail of your basement conversion requirements.

What Are The Benefits Of Basement Conversion?

Thermal Efficiency According to a study conducted for the Basement Information Centre, houses with basements are 10% more thermally efficient when compared to houses of the same size built entirely above ground. The thermal efficiency of basements has been an open secret for hundreds of years, which is why wine cellars are traditionally housed in the basement as basements have stable temperatures all through the year. City Friendly  Homeowners looking to add extensions to their property often choose to build into the back garden. This option, however, is usually not available in big cities like London where gardens are usually small and are a luxury. A basement conversion, therefore, is the perfect solution for property owners who cannot afford to give up precious outdoor space but would love the extra usable indoor space. Increased Resale Value Waterproof basement conversions or other home extension projects that create additional living space in a property makes a home more appealing to homebuyers. They add something different and often make a property an extra rung up the property ladder. More Space Converting your basement gives you space to do more. Your basement can become a utility room, freeing up other rooms in your home. You could convert your basement to a boiler room, a pantry, storage for working tools and equipment, a laundry room, annexe, basement apartment to rent out, basement gym and so on.
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