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Home Extensions

Elite Builders London offers bespoke professional home extensions in London. Whether you intend to extend your kitchen, add a brick extension or an extra bedroom, we can work on your house extension project.

We can design an extension, help you obtain planning permission, ensure everything follows building regulations and so on. We will be with you every step of the way, delivering building solutions and our expert extension building advice to help construct the extension of your dreams.

Our contemporary home extension solutions are available in multiple finishes and style, which makes them perfect for your home extension project because they can blend in with your existing property style. You have control over dimensions, finishes and extension style. Call us on 020 8987 8071 to get a free home extension quote today.

What is a home extension?

In simple terms, a home extension is an effective way to add more living space, such as an additional room to your property.

Homeowners generally go with a home extension when they are looking to create more room for a growing family, extra house guest, a home office, gym and so on.

A home extension is normally inexpensive when compared to the cost of moving to a bigger house. You also save on the cost of all the property expenses such as stamp duty, agent fees, and more. Moving house is expensive!

What are the benefits of home extensions?

House value increase

Incorporating a bathroom or bedroom via a loft conversion or an extension can raise your property value by over 20%, according to Nationwide.

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Save money

According to research conducted by Lloyd’s Bank, the cost of moving house on average as at June 2015 went up by 9% (£870) compared to the previous year, and by June 2016 it was up to £10,996. It is even higher now. This increase is as a result of high property prices, which also increases the cost of stamp duty and agent fees.

If you invest in a home extension project, you will be achieving your goals more efficiently: increase the value of your property, save money and get the extra space you need.

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Tax relief

Your home extension project might be eligible for tax relief if it is a listed building (zero-rating). If it is the conversion of an existing building that changes the number of units, the rate is reduced by 5%. For a building which hasn’t been occupied for two years or more, you will get a reduced rate of 5%.

Our home extension services

Single-storey home extensions

A lot of homeowners who are looking to add a new room to their home favour single-storey extensions. If this is what you would like, we have some amazing extension ideas you will love. It is important to note that single-storey extensions may require neighbour consultation. You can exercise your right to complete a development but still protect the interest of the environment and your neighbours.

Single-storey extensions

Single-storey extensions are usually simple installations because there is no second storey which requires changes and extra permission. There are variations of single-storey extensions available, which means that your extension can be customised using accessories and materials that will work well with your budget. Our modern single-storey extensions feature energy efficiency benefits, better privacy, and are always built to fit in and look great.

Side extensions

Do you have any unused outdoor space? A side extension will make it possible for you to transform it into a valuable internal space. You can use a side extension to create an additional bathroom, kitchen, or living room.

Multi-storey/2-storey extensions

If you are contemplating moving houses because you are ready to size up, a double-storey extension is a cost-effective way to give your home the much-needed space. Not only will a multi-story extension provide you with bed space and extra space to store items, but it will also provide you with other essential spaces like bathrooms to balance bedrooms upstairs and, on the ground floor, a better layout that gives you a proper connection to the garden and more. So no more cramped space and closed-up rooms.

Loft extension

A loft conversion is a great way to make good use of an existing space to create usable space in the house. If you are looking for the extra square footage for your property and you live in an open area, extending down or up is usually the only option. If all you need is an extra bedroom upstairs, a loft conversion is more economical as opposed to undertaking a large two-storey extension.

In addition, loft conversions give one of the best ROI in terms when factoring in all home extensions.

Loft conversions are flexible, plus they provide you with valuable extra space that can be used as an extra bedroom, master suite, play area for your kids, home cinema, home office and more. Your loft extensions can be fitted with electric points, lighting, a bathroom, window furniture, doors, woodwork and skirting, stunning decoration, flooring and finished up with a white finish for walls and woodwork.

Please note that loft extensions can usually be completed under permitted development rights, but it is worth obtaining a Certificate of Lawfulness from your local council for the work.

Side return extension

Side extensions can be used to make the most of underused or unused space on your property. A side return extension can be used to create a bigger open-plan room that can be great for a dining area. This type of extension is often used in terraced homes with large roof lights, bi-folding or sliding doors. French and double glazed panels can also be considered for a brighter and more contemporary home.

To build a great side return extension, Elite Builders London will modify the inner space without taking up to much of the garden space. To ensure that you do not end up with a large living area downstairs but few bedrooms upstairs, we often recommend side return extension combined with a loft extension.

Basement extension

When extending outwards is not a viable option, basement conversions are a great alternative. This is especially handy in London where lack of space or development regulation can be limiting. Basement extensions also work when you already have a single-storey extension or loft extension conversion.

Elite Builders London is one of the leading basement conversion specialists in London. We have the expertise to convert your basement space into a new business space or even a unique living space by delivering the complete basement extension services.

Our builders are fully trained and will deliver a basement space that you will be happy with. For each basement conversion, we provide a guarantee and the relevant completion certificates.

Garage conversions

A garage conversion is a unique style of single-storey extension that is built as an addition to an existing building. Garages are normally used as storage spaces, for keeping the house vehicles and more. You can trust Elite Builders London to design and build the perfect garage conversion that will transform the space into whatever you want. We guarantee that your extension will be completed on time, on budget and free you of the cost and stress of moving to get that extra space.

To begin, get in touch on 020 8987 8071.

Ultraroof house extensions are available in multiple coordinates options: one-tier, two-tier, three-tier and curved designs to fit different demographics.

Clad extensions

Are you currently looking to have your property extended and in need of guidance? We are happy to offer you our team’s extensive experience in handling clad extensions of various sizes and types.

Cladding can give your extension a different shape, look and feel, which will emphasise the character of your property. Choosing the right cladding is key when it comes to getting the perfect extension.

Our expert builders and home extension specialists are willing and able to aid you through your project.

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Conservatories are usually simple single-storey structures made from UPVC, timber and aluminium frame and glazing. Conservatories feature a framework site surrounded by a low-level brick wall. Elite Builders London offers an extensive range of conservatory services all engineered to save you money, time and stress. With our pick and mix service, you get only the specific service you require.

Please note that the type and size of the conservatory to be built determines whether planning permission or building regulation approval is required or not.

Kitchen extensions

Building a kitchen extension is a great way to upgrade the ground floor of your home, with a change of layout, the introduction of natural light and the incorporation of appliances that make everyday life easier.

There are lots of options when it comes to extending your kitchen, but whatever option you choose, you can be sure of increasing both the aesthetic and monetary value of your property.

At Elite Builders London, we have what it takes to deliver the complete kitchen extension service you need for your home, from the design to the finishing.


An orangery (also known as a sunroom) is very similar to a conservatory, the difference is in the strength of its walls as well as its glazing and roof. This is a major reason why an orangery is more expensive than a conservatory, however, an orangery is sturdier and more efficient at retaining heat.

For traditional homes, an orangery is a perfect fit for a one single-storey extension. Featuring a unique ratio of brick to window panels, your home will be bathed with natural light and provide you with the comfort of a spacious room to enjoy. We offer a range of different beautiful orangeries for you to enjoy all year round. Each one is versatile and provides stunning silhouettes and retain the traditional feel of your home.

Brick extension

Elite Builders London has over 40 years combined experience in brick extensions. Our aim is always to get your brick extension project done as fast and as well as possible. If you would like brick extension work on a new London property, please get in touch with Elite Builders London to do right by you. Our service is reliable and we have a great reputation for quality workmanship and excellent customer service in and around London.

Elite Builders Home Extension Services

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  • Obtaining warrant/planning permission
  • Extension works
  • Extension design/style

Why Choose Elite Builders London?

Design and Build

Elite Builders London offers the complete design and build service for your home extension project. When you work with us, we save you the cost and time required to hire different construction and architecture companies for your home extension project. We can handle everything about your house extension projects from the initial point to its completion.

Innovative approach

Elite Builders London have an innovative custom approach to home extensions on period properties for 21st-century use.

Quality workmanship

One of the important things for us as a company is to ensure that the process of transition into a house extension is hitch-free. To ensure this, we only use our in-house house extension specialists from the initial consultation up until the complete build of your home extension, so your needs are met.

On the first contact, we will send out one of our experts to meet with you to discuss the requirements of your house extension project and answer whatever questions you might have. After the discussion, we will give you a cost-effective plan for your proposed project.

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Quality customer service

At Elite Builders London, our customers are very important to us. We are dedicated to explaining technical issues, offer expert advice, assist in the selection of materials, and so on. We understand that the house extension projects can be stressful, involves high costs and is a major decision for you, which is why we strive to make the experience as worry-free and stress-free as possible for you.

Exceptional quality

At Elite Builders London, customer satisfaction is our priority. We are always willing and ready to go over and above the call to duty to ensure that our clients are totally satisfied, and we do this by constantly and consistently providing high-quality and exceptional services.


Elite Builders London is your one-stop shop when it comes to home extension services. We deliver and offer a complete range of home extension services that you need to transform your home. With our experience, we can ensure that the entire process is worry-free for you.

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House extensions are a great way to convert your unwanted and unused spaces in and around your home into serious stunning living spaces for you and your family. Do you have further questions regarding our house extension services, or are you looking to have a loft conversion done? Please get in touch with us today for your free no-obligation feasibility survey and quotation. Call 020 8987 8071!

Information about London


How long will a single-storey extension take?

On average, a single-storey extension will take about three months to complete.

What are the building regulations for house extensions in the UK?

For most home extension projects, you need approval under the building regulations policy. There are however extensions projects or new building that will not require building regulation approval. To ascertain if you will need approval before you can alter or make additions to your building, you will need to get in touch with your local council. If you hire our home extension services, we handle this part for you.

What are permitted development rights?

Permitted Development Rights automatically allow you to undertake certain building work and make changes without requiring planning permission. Most houses have permitted development rights, but maisonettes and flats do not, so permission is required. In the event that your house falls under a National Park, you will also be limited in the amount of work you can take on. As of the 30th of May 2019, permitted development rights in London have been reviewed.

Will I have to leave my home during the project?

This depends on the scope and size of the project. It will be better if you move out for a large extension project while remodelling work is being done but for a simple scope project, you should be able to stay at home.

Will I need to get the party wall agreement for my home extension project?

If your extension project will affect the shared wall, you will need a party wall agreement.

Will I need building regulation approval for extensions?

There is something called permitted development rights that allows you to build extension projects without planning permission. A home extension is typically considered permitted development which means that you will not require planning permission subject to specific conditions and limits. However, most property extensions will need building regulation approval.

Home extension, is it worth it?

If the extension gives you the space you need in the right location and gives you a better quality of your life, then definitely, it is worth the cost. Even though upfront financial investment is usually steep, the return on investment is often greater. You can also look at a home improvement loan to spread the cost.

What Is The Cost Of Having A Home Extension Done?

Different factors will influence the cost of a home extension project. Typically, the less complicated and smaller your project is, the cheaper it will be. However, the type of extension,e.g.: two-storey extension, kitchen extension, single-storey extension and so on will also influence the cost of the project. Other factors that could affect the cost of your home extension are the square footage of the project, the size of the project, the part of London you are located in, the complexity and nature of the extension project, and so on. When you meet with us for your extension work, we will carefully consider the details of your project so that we can come up with a cost-effective approach that will suit your requirements and budget. For example, if your house extension project is budgeted at £20,000, we have many great ideas that you will love. Should the budget for the house extension projects be between £30,000-£50,000, we also have ideas that you will love. We can guide you in the right direction to ensure that you get the extension for your home that fits. Regardless of your budget, we can help you achieve the extension you need, be it a double-storey addition, kitchen extension, standouts, glazed extensions, loft conversion, basement conversion and more. At Elite Builders London, there is a house extension project for just about every budget.
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