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As a professional masonry contractor, you can rely on Elite Builders London to use our expertise and high-quality tools to finish your project within budget and on time, whilst also delivering the best results possible.

We have worked on a lot of projects from church restorations to city centre renovation projects to new buildings, housing restoration and civil engineering work. This is why we are one of the top local brick and stone building companies for local residents and business owners who need masonry services in London.

Sourcing premium stone from the best quarries in the world, we offer bespoke and full masonry works including brick and stone repointing, stucco, stone patio, new build brick as well as the installation of Marble, Quartz, Granite, and Corian kitchen worktops.

Elite Builders London is a team of committed master craftsmen who specialise in masonry work. We build beautiful post-tension stonework and expertly engineered architectural structures all around London.

What are the benefits of masonry?

  • Termite resistant:there will be nothing for termites to consume if there is no wood.
  • Fire resistance:The non-combustible materials used in masonry will help safeguard a building from fire.
  • Maintenance-free:Masonry provides structures with decreased life-cycle cost and low maintenance because no painting is required.
  • Weather-resistant:The exterior of masonry walls can stand up to blistering heat, heavy storms and are more resistant to damage from tornadoes, heat, hurricane and so on.
  • Excellent soundproofing:Masonry and brick products keep the noise out better than traditional building materials like wood, resulting in a quieter home.
  • Increase the resale value:It is a well-established fact that masonry walls have greater resale value because they are low maintenance and of higher quality than other construction materials.


Elite Builders London is one of the leading specialists in the supply, design and installation masonry for residential and commercial projects in London. We have a team of specialists with a wealth of experience in the building industry, having worked with structural engineers and leading architects on numerous prestigious projects in London.


At Elite Builders London, we also carry out masonry work on residential properties in London. We are committed to delivering quality results to all of our customers, so we do not leave anything to chance with the execution of the work that goes into a building project. To get started, call one of our top-rated masonry professionals today on 020 8987 8071.

Our Guarantee

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  • Over 40 years Combined Experience
  • Fully Insured
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  • Building Guarantee

Our masonry services

Whether your project is a remodel or new construction, we can deliver masonry service that works, using high-quality stone, block and brick. Each masonry project is unique and we work closely with you to ensure it is completed to perfection. Our mansonry service areas are:

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For Experts in General Construction and Renovation

Repair and patchwork

Elite Builders London provides brickwork replacement/repair services for external masonry. Our bricklayers are extremely skilled in repairs and alterations, and we can colour match brickwork using specialist dyes in our cement and sand repair mortars, making sure that your home carries a consistent look and feel all-round.

For housing projects, we can repair the gables on external brickwork, and repair brickwork to match existing brickwork by using reclaimed masonry. We have built up a unique brickwork experience as shown in our diverse portfolio having worked on many houses, new builds, flats, industrial units and office developments. To get repair/patchwork done on your property, call us today on 020 8987 8071.


We have worked with over 200 different types of bricks, which means we can offer expert advice to our clients and help guide their selection of the right brick for the project. We can also help with the planning of the brickwork project as well as the supply and fixing of the brickwork to ensure you are happy with the final product.


Opting for blockwork presents you with many great possibilities. The same is true for all the masonry projects we undertake at Elite Builders London. Whether you want blockwork or some other type of masonry, we will work to ensure you get only the results you want.


Elite Builders London offers repointing for any kind of property. We can repair deteriorating mortar, repoint patios, and carry out a wide range of repointing and masonry work on your property. We have a range of mortars to choose from, including cement, modern sand, putties, heritage lime mortars and lime mix; all of which can be colour matched to blend in with your existing mortar.

Fireplaces (restoration and new)

A stone fireplace can immediately transform a room by adding warmth and character.

Our stone fireplaces are custom made to your exact specifications and are hand-carved by the expert stonemasons in our London workshop, using the sandstone or limestone of your choice. The Elite Builders London masonry service is made-to-measure and you can be actively involved in the design process. We will produce drawings for your approval before the stone is fabricated.

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For Experts in General Construction and Renovation

Stone Walls

The techniques we use at Elite Builders London are tried and tested traditional stonewalling techniques, proven to be reliable for centuries. We use these techniques to produce top-quality finishes and we strive to deliver a first-class service. We are extremely proud of the relationship we have with our clients and the repeat business we get from them.

New build masonry

We will carefully work within your stipulations, timeframe, and budgets to deliver the masonry aspect of your building project.

We will only use high-quality materials and our masonry skills to deliver excellent workmanship to all our clients. We work closely with architects, structural engineers and the relevant building control authority to handle your project in compliance with regulation at all times.

Kitchen worktops

At Elite Builders London, we create quartz and granite kitchen worktops with the use of natural granite and they can come in multiple finishes and colours. We can also use composite materials like Porcelain and Quartz, Neolith, Samsung Radiance Quartz, Dekton, Silkstone Quartz, Silestone, and so on.

Stone conservation and restoration

Elite Builders London has a team of specialist tradesmen who handle all our restoration work. Our specialist tradesmen are highly skilled and experienced. They use tried and tested traditional methods to deliver amazing restoration project every single time in any kind of property or structure. We have earned a very good reputation for the quality of our work, having worked on a lot of conservation projects in London.

Monumental masonry

The Elite Builders London masonry service is very extensive. We offer monumental masonry services like stone tablets to mark interment spots, headstones and more. We can also provide expert advice on which stone type will be right for a memorial, and discuss with you all the options available so that you can make an informed choice. We do not just offer a new memorial masonry, we can also repair existing stones or add on additional inscriptions when requested.

Natural stone supply

Over the years, we have built a solid relationship with stone mansions and quarries, which means we can deliver efficiently and quickly, quality and sustainable natural stone for your renovation and building projects. In most instances and as a result of our close relationship with family-owned quarries, we can deliver the stone directly from the quarries to you.

Architectural stone masonry

At Elite Builders London we offer exceptional architectural masonry service that brings your vision into reality. We understand that flawless masonry work is the key to bringing architectural masterpieces to life and that architectural masonry requires precision. Thankfully, our stonemasons and fixers have a wealth of experience and are highly qualified to ensure only the highest quality masonry service is delivered.

The Elite Builders London architectural masonry service is an end-to-end delivery. We can draw up the initial design and build the plan to perfection.

Natural stone staircases

Natural stone steps can come in various designs. We at Elite Builders London will work closely with your design, then manufacture and install the custom natural stone steps you want.

Now you can walk down the stairs in your bathrobe or evening gown and feel a new level of luxury with your new bespoke stone staircase. There’s just something about a properly designed cantilever stone staircase that is enchanting, magical and reminiscent of grand designs from the past.

Ready to get started? Trust Elite Builders London ability to create, design and install your stone staircase in London.

Custom masonry

The Elite Builders London masonry team has the experience to build any type of stone design to match precise architectural specifications and dimensions. It doesn’t matter if it is contemporary designs or traditional designs, we can customise stone elements and have them installed to perfection. We fabricate stone elements using modern machines and traditional methods to make them work for what you want.

Why Choose Us?

Wealth of experience

Elite Builders London has built up a wealth of experience working on the conservation and restoration on historic structures, buildings, monuments, and churches. The Elite Builders London Masonry team is highly skilled in both traditional and modern architectural stone masonry techniques.

Health and safety conscious

Health and safety is a major focus for the Elite Builders London masonry team in all projects. For this reason, all our masons carry CSCS cards and we have a healthy and safety advisor, who ensures every project is undertaken safely.

Encourage your participation

From your initial consultation to the completion of the projects, we will provide you with details such as who will be attending your appointment, the materials we use, estimated time of completion and more.

Extensive service

It is important that your surface works for you regardless of what you use it for. To help you get this, Elite Builders London offers a fully comprehensive masonry installation service. We can template and manufacture to your exact requirement. We will use the latest stone masonry techniques and traditional hand-finishing skills to deliver work.

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For Experts in General Construction and Renovation

Highly trained team

The Elite Builders London masonry team is highly trained and qualified to deliver quality workmanship. We have worked with multiple customers at homes, offices, councils, churches and private estates. Regardless of the size or type of project, we always deliver high-quality workmanship and strive to offer competitive, friendly and helpful service to our clients.


Our team of highly skilled masons at Elite Builders London is committed to delivering premium work to our clients, custom-built to their specific needs. Whether you want to discuss a design idea or the specifics of your project, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are always happy to help.

What is the cost of masonry work?

The cost of our masonry service in London depends on various factors such as the neighbourhood, the size of the construction and so on. To provide you with an exact quote we need to send a member of our team to evaluate the area and your building

For competitively priced and friendly service, call today.

If you want more information or would like a free estimate of the cost of masonry services for your project, please call our masonry team on 020 8987 8071, or contact us through our online form.

Information about London


Can I handle repointing by myself?

A professional brickwork specialist who has the experience and understands how to use the original method of pointing should always handle your repointing work. A specialist will understand the type of mortar used originally and will be able to colour match and apply the replacement mortar using the right technique. Attempting to tackle the repointing task yourself could cause more external/interior damage that will result in extra expenses.

What does repointing mean?

Repointing is the process of renewing the pointing or external part of mortar joints in masonry construction. The passage of time, weather elements, and decay can cause voids in the joints between masonry units, especially with bricks, which makes it possible for moisture and water to enter. Repointing solves this problem.

How do I maintain my brick wall?

Homes made of bricks are pretty much maintenance-free. Brick is one of the oldest used masonry materials and its durability is evident in the number of brick houses built hundreds of years ago that are still standing strong. Bricks will not rot and only require minimal maintenance for general wear and tear. The maintenance required for brickwork usually involves brick repair, brick replacements, repointing, or brick cleaning from time to time.

What materials are used in masonry?

The most common materials used in masonry are marble, brick, limestone, granite, cast stone, glass block and concrete block.

What is the difference between concrete and brick?

Bricks are made from a mix of either shale or clay. Concretes, on the other hand, are usually formulated using a special mixture of cement. Concrete pavers have high compressive strengths which makes them great for walkways, driveways, patios and more.

Do masons use concrete?

Masonry is the art and craft of fabricating and building in stone, clay, brick or concrete block. Construction of poured concrete is also considered masonry.

Will the job be messy?

At Elite Builders London, we conduct our work in a neat and clean manner. We are very careful with your home and plants. Our masonry service includes clean up after the work is completed.

What does masonry work entail?

Masonry work is a complex process, it includes the laying of brick or other stone, mortar laying and delivery of the stone. It also entails all other mortar-related auxiliary processes like the erection of trestles, scaffolding and preparation of materials on a construction site.

Should my masonry contractor be licensed?

Yes. Masonry contractors just like any other type of tradesmen need to have the relevant state licenses and certifications that guide the masonry trade.

What is masonry?

Masonry is a term used to describe the work involved in building structures that are laid and bound together with mortar. Some of the materials commonly used in masonry construction include brick, granite, marble, limestone, concrete block, cast stone, Adobe, glass block and concrete block.

Who is a masonry contractor?

Masonry contractors are specialists who have experience in applying multiple building and construction techniques. Masonry contractors work to complete a wide variety of home building projects like stone patios, fireplaces and brick walls. They use bricks, blocks and stone units to construct structures and building features.
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