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Elite Builders London can offer a wide range of double glazed doors, windows and other glazed products at competitive rates. Elite Builders London can also supply and install sash windows, skylights, double glazed doors, dormer windows as well as providing window supply and fitting services.

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The windows we offer

At Elite Builders London, we take pride in our ability to provide a service that addresses all your window requirements. The window products we offer include:

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Skylight windows

Elite Builders London is committed to delivering and installing energy-efficient skylights in whatever style or colour our clients desire. Our home and commercial daylight solutions will save you a lot in energy costs, while still offering your space superb natural lighting.

Elite Builders London skylight products are customisable and can be made to fit your unique specifications or space.

Whether the goal is to improve ventilation, increase the natural light which comes into your home or to create a picturesque focal point in a room, we can provide just what you need.

The types of skylights available:

Flat skylights

Elite Builders London flat skylights are made with frames which come with an insulated core. Our skylights provide you with a window that keeps the heat in during the cold winter months and out in the summer.

Fixed skylights

Fixed skylights are typically used in low-lit areas like stairwells and attics. Our fixed skylights are completely sealed to the roof and do not open for ventilation.

Ridge skylights

With structural ridge-metal frame skylight, there are unlimited design possibilities for your skylights. Our ridge skylights come with a wide array of high-performance glazing and finishing options. If what you desire is the maximum amount of light in a space, then the ridge skylight is best.

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Modular Skylights

Modular skylights are a popular choice for homeowners who want more natural light in their modern flat roof homes. Our modular skylights system can be seamlessly built into the current design of your home or integrated into a new design at the planning phase.

Custom skylights

If the dimensions of the skylights to be installed are greater than ‘6 x 4’, then the skylight normally has to be custom made. Our custom skylights come in all manner of styles and shapes; however, the lead time for fabrication is about six week, so it’s important to plan ahead..

Tubular skylights

Tubular devices are designed to avoid obstructions in a room, bringing the light where it is needed (in most cases up to 40 feet), and unlike traditional skylights, they do not require a direct line of sight.

Dome-shaped skylights

Dome-shaped skylights are similar to flat skylights. However, the major difference is the addition of a single-skin polycarbonate roof dome, which prevents outside noise from getting into your home.

Curb-mounted skylights

Curb-mounted skylights are one of the most popular styles of skylights today. They go well with all kinds of room setting and are very affordable.

Venting skylights

A properly placed Venting skylights work well with other open windows in your home to keep your home cool during the summer months.

Pyramid skylights

Our pyramid skylights are designed to sit on a flat curb or roof. The high pitch of our pyramid skylights allows the most amount of light possible to enter a room.

Velux Windows

Elite Builders London has been installing Velux windows for over 10 years. We are one of the top specialists in the installation of all kinds of Velux windows and accessories such as Velux Cabrio balcony systems, sun tunnels, shutters, awnings, blinds and more.

Roof windows

The roof windows we offer come in a wide array of finishes, sizes and styles, so you can create the best window for your home with all the fresh air and natural light you desire.

White painted Velux

The white painted Velux makes it possible for you to create a brighter living space. The white finish reflects light back into your home extension or loft conversion, which can double the amount of light available in a space when compared with classic pine or other window finishes.

Conservation windows

Velux conservation roof windows give you a window in a traditional/conservation style with the technically superior features of a modern roof window.

Sun tunnels

Sun tunnels bring natural light into your home in a manner that a lamp cannot. With a Velux sun tunnel, you can experience the change in light of the day and season.

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Flat roof windows

Flat roof windows are the go-to option for homeowners looking to bring in fresh air and daylight into a flat roof home.

Centre pivot roof windows

Centre pivot windows are one of the leading premium roof windows that come with a  maintenance-free internal finish.

Blinds and shutters

Pleated or Venetian? Blackout or rollers? You can finish off your Velux windows perfectly with a Velux blind or shutter. Velux blinds and shutters have been created to be sleek, beautiful and supremely functional.

Velux accessories

Elite Builders London offers a wide range of Velux accessories for your insulation or installation projects when you need to upgrade your operating accessories, or for you to give your windows a touch-up.

Top Hung

A top hung window opens outwards, which makes it the perfect alternative to the centre-pivot roof window. With a Velux top hung window, you can get an unobstructed view of any room. Top hung windows are especially suitable for small rooms because they give the illusion of space, making the room look larger because of the amount of light the window draws in.

Velux  home automation

With a Velux home automation system, almost anything is possible. Just imagine your blinds automatically lowering on a hot afternoon to keep your home comfortable, your roof windows automatically opening up to let in fresh air when necessary or the ease of being able to close all your roof windows with a single touch. The applications of a Velux home automation system are vast.

Velux flashings

Flashings are an important part of roof windows; without them, your window can experience water leaks. Because water leaks are often hidden in the roof cavity, it can be hard to spot until damage has been done. If this happens, it can cause problems to your roof, walls and windows. With Velux flashing, you can cross this worry off your list.

Velux flat roofs

Velux flat roofs feature a unique curved glass top cover, drawing in twice the amount of daylight than a vertical window can. This unique feature of a Velux flat roof makes extensions, or where they are installed, feel more spacious and brighter.

Dormer windows

Our dormer windows at Elite Builders London are safe, stylish and lightweight. With our dormer windows, builders and homeowners have an alternative that is lightweight, quick to install and almost maintenance-free.

The Elite Builders London dormer windows are manufactured in numerous sizes, styles and are factory completed using spray foam insulation and full internal timber frame.

The  types of dormer windows we install:

Flat roof/box roof

Flat roof or box roof dormers feature horizontal panels on the roof. This unique feature of the flat/ box roofs provides more floor area and space inside the building.


Gabled-fronted dormers are one of the most common types of dormer windows. Gabled-fronted dormer windows have a simple pitched roof sloping on two sides and a vertical frame that supports the panes, forming a triangle section a little below the roofline.


A hipped dormer has three roof panes, one parallel to the front dormer and one on each side. The three panes all slope upwards and connect at the peak of the roof.


A shed dormer is similar to a flat roof dormer because it features the single plane roof, which slopes downward at a shallower angle than the main roof.

False or blind dormer

A false or blind dormer is very flexible and can take on a new shape. The blind/false dormer is so named because the dormer doesn’t penetrate the roof. The main reasons false dormers are installed are to create a visually appealing home exterior and because no window is added and the roof sheeting is not cut. Blind dormers are fairly inexpensive to build.


An eyelid or eyebrow dormer is very unique -it has no sides. In place of sides, the covering of the roof curves up and over a low wide window. Eyelid dormers were originally found on thatched cottage roofs in the Middle Age. However, this traditional style is perfect for any kind of property.

L-shaped dormer

The L-shaped dormer is very popular for Victorian and Edwardian properties across London. If there is enough space,  you can fit a bathroom and about 2 bedrooms on the top floor of the property, to the maximum allowance of 40 ft.³ of space.

Double glazing

Are you looking to get the extra security a double glazed window or a  double glazed door provides? Or is your goal to create more space by adding a beautiful conservatory? Elite Builders London can help.

We deliver all of our double glazings to meet, and in many instances, exceed building regulation requirements, ensuring your home has the most secure option possible.

Double glazed windows we supply:

Casement double glazed windows

Casement windows come in a vast range of designs and style, and are famed for their durability and functionality. Using a casement window is a great way to add a classic but modern charm to your London home. The casement window is a classic window style that will work with any property and can be customised to suit your individual style, using a wide array of frame finishes and configurations.

Sash Windows

Elite Builders London offers a selection of double glazed sash windows. Our sash windows come in a variety of double glazed units to suit your individual specifications.

For double glazed sash windows in conservation areas and listed building, a slimline unit is often used. However, we can customise the profile of our sashes to include as much detail as possible to the timber boarding and optimise energy efficiency.

With Elite Builders London sash windows, you get a sash window in its traditional design with the energy efficiency of a modern window. Our goal is to deliver functionality without compromising on the traditional look of case and sash windows.

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Tilt and Turn Windows

Our tilt and turn windows are perfect for all seasons. They are flexible and can be opened fully or partially to let in air into your home.

Bay windows

Our bay windows allow you to embellish or add to the existing character of your home. Elite Builders London bay windows come with a unique six-chamber system which allows us to achieve an A rating or higher, with specific glass combination that provides a range of benefits.

French-style casement window

Elite Builders London has been supplying customers in the London area with high-quality French doors for over 10 years. You can trust us to supply and install top-grade French-style casement window.

Timber/wooden windows

At Elite Builders London we have high-performance, double glazed timber windows which provide homeowners with modern convenience whilst keeping the traditional look, ideal for older properties. When properly taken care of, our range of timber windows can last for a long time.

UPVC windows

One of the benefits of UPVC double glazed windows is the colour choices available. Our UPVC windows come in a wide array of colours and finishes and can be installed in whatever style option you require for each part of your bay. Regardless of your style or colour preference, with Elite Builders London’s wide range of UPVC double glazed windows, you are sure to find the right fit for your home.

Aluminium windows

Aluminium has natural strength which means super slim profiles can be installed, creating a sleek elegance and allowing natural light into your home irrespective of its style or size. Aluminium double glazed windows come in a wide array of painted colours to match the interior of your property.

Sash Windows

Our sash windows are bespoke in design and can be manufactured in a wide array of configuration, designs and style.

The sash window styles  we offer include

Victorian sash windows

Our Victorian sash windows are very distinct with the addition of run-through sash horns. Windows that were used in the Victorian era featured a 2-panel grid design on both the bottom and top panes.

Georgian sash windows

Georgian sash windows traditionally feature a 6-pane over 6-pane  design, held together with astragal bars which keep the smaller squares of glass in place. Today it is used for decoration only.

Timber sash window

Elite Builders London supplies some of the finest timber sliding sash windows available. Our timber sash windows have the elegant proportions of traditional sash windows but are built with the best modern materials, eliminating the maintenance and draught problems usually associated with traditional timber windows. Elite Builders London timber windows come with quality Mighton hardware and in the RAL colour of your choice.

Our timber windows are available in traditional cords or springs. They are predominantly handmade by joiners who use engineered softwood/hardwood seals or hardwood from sustainable sources. For thermal efficiency, our timber windows are double glazed with 4/16/4 argon-filled sealed units with warm edge spacers.

Edwardian sash windows

Edwardian sash windows are perfect for properties that date back to the early 20th century.  Our Edwardian sash windows come with a 6-pane over 2-pane design, the best of both worlds(modern and old).

Elite Builders London is one of the leading specialists in the installation of sash windows for listed and conservation properties especially Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian sash windows. All our windows are handmade to measure in our London workshop to match existing details, so the original character of your home is preserved.

UPVC sash windows

Our UPVC sash windows have sculpted frame, bead, Georgian bars, woodgrain effects and run-through horns which gives it the appearance of traditional box sash windows. The Elite Builders London UPVC sash windows provide excellent performance, require very little maintenance and reduce noise intrusion.

Our sliding sashes are simple to operate,  there are two sashes in an outer frame that work independently on a balanced mechanism, designed to hold them at a height.

Our sliding sashes also have an indigenous design feature, which makes it possible for the sashes to tilt from the inside for easy and safe cleaning. Our UPVC  sash windows are also structurally enhanced with the use of steel in the internal chambers of the profile.

Why choose windows from Elite Builders London?

Trustworthy window installers

Elite Builders London are one of London’s most reliable window installers. We provide windows installed in compliance with all local regulations. We deliver excellent customer service as demonstrated by the fact that our past clients have nothing but the best to say about the windows we’ve installed in their homes.

Guaranteed quality

Elite Builders London windows are designed to provide value and add space to your home. Our windows are guaranteed by us and certified by building inspection.  In addition, all our windows are built and installed within relevant planning restrictions and to current building regulation standards, so you can rest easy knowing your new loft will be safe and secure.

We welcome all jobs

The Elite Builders London team is happy to take on projects regardless of size. We can take on a full improvement project or replace and repair a couple of windows. Provide us with the specifics of your project and will take it from there. Call us today on 020 8987 8071.


Many of the Elite Builders London windows are made to measure. The major difference between a made-to-measure window and a fully bespoke window is bespoke windows are produced as complete one-offs for specific jobs. Bespoke can feature more details, for example, designed to exactly match moulding present on an existing window. Made-to-measure window, on the other hand, are manufactured around a standard set of systems or profiles like weather seals, hinges and locking hardware.

Competitive prices

We understand that budget can sometimes be a challenge, which is why we’ve made our rates affordable, so you can enjoy our services even if you require emergency roof windows or roof conversions. Elite Builders London has some of the most competitive rates in the glazing industry. We are also one of the leading window companies in London, providing one of the widest ranges of window products.

Contact us

At Elite Builders London, we are dedicated to providing professional and efficient service every single time we start a glazing project. You will be given expert recommendations and advice form window experts when you get in touch with us.

We promise not to push you to get a replacement window when a quick fix is needed. For us at Elite  Builders London, the goal is to provide you with value for your money. Our products are warranted and our services have long guarantees. Call us today on 020 8987 8071 to get a quote for your window project.

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