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Dormer windows are designed to be stylish, safe and lightweight. They are great alternatives to traditional building materials because they are quick to install, lightweight and almost maintenance-free. The Elite Builders Dormer window roof is manufactured in various sizes and styles and factory-finished with an internal timber frame and a spray foam insulation system.

What is a dormer? 

A dormer is a kind of roof window usually set vertically on a sloping roof. A Dormer comes with its own roof which could be arched, flat, ornamented or pointed. They can be built into the roof or a wall in various sizes, styles and shapes.

Dormer windows were first built as a way to draw light into the attics of large cottages. Typically set on the roof of long sidewalls, dormer windows light up the central part of a roof space that cannot be reached by lights coming from gable-ended casements.

Dormer windows are often better than skylights because they provide views of the outdoors like a normal window, which makes for a greater sense of space. They are also great for creating rooms in the roof of homes where it would otherwise be difficult due to headroom, or in a property that is single-storey.

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What are the benefits of having a dormer window installed?

Improved ventilation 

Dormer windows are typically built in multi-storey homes on the upper floor where heat rises, causing the air to become stuffy and stale. With the installation of a dormer window, there will be improved ventilation, better airflow and air quality. An operable dormer window works very well at letting the hot air out and fresh air in.

Increased living space 

Large dormers, like a shed dormer, which spans the length of a bungalow or a one and a half storey home, increase usable space, which can make a lot of difference to the usable living space in a home. The inside of a dormer can be used as a reading nook, for sleeping or serve as the ideal spot for a dresser or a bench.


Dormer windows are great for loft and attics that are usually dimly lit, because they can be installed to brighten the space up. Dormers increase space and headroom on the interior.

Potential exit 

In the event of an emergency, a dormer window can be an emergency exit, especially if the window is the only way out of an attic roof. In multi-storey homes, Many people keep a chain or rope ladder somewhere handy nearby.

Increases the value of a home 

Dormer windows provide architectural interest, detail and accents to a building. The inclusion of one or more dormer windows in the roof structure can improve the look of a home that would otherwise look bland. The design features of a dormer window look good on the inside as well. Dormer windows will improve the aesthetics of your home, making it more appealing to homebuyers (should you decide to sell).

Exterior appearance 

Dormer windows nicely break up the long expanse of a roof and add style and character. Dormer windows bring more lighting in and also provide a view of the world outside.

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A gabled fronted dormer is one of the most popular types of dormer window. It features a simple traditional pitched roof, sloping on two sides. Gable fronted dormers also feature vertical frames which support the panes in a triangle section just under the roofline.


A Hipped dormer has three roof panes, the third parallel to the front, and one on each side. All the panes of a Hipped dormer slope upwards and join at a common point at the peak of the roof.

What are the styles and types of dormer windows available?

Factory/box roof

Box roof/flat roof dormers feature horizontal roof panes. They provide the most floor area and space in a room.

L-shaped dormer 

The L-shaped dormer is the most popular choice for a lot of the Victorian and Edwardian properties around London. Where there is enough space, it is possible for you to fit a bathroom and two windows on an entire top floor property of 40 cubic feet of space.


Shared dormers are similar to flat roof dormers because they also feature a single pane roof that slopes upward at an angle more shallow than the main roof.

False or blind dormer 

A false dormer can take on any shape. It is so named because it doesn’t enter the roof. One of the main advantages of the blind dormer is that it adds visual appeal to the exterior of the home and comes with uncut roof sheathing, making false dormers one of the most inexpensive dormer window options.


An eyebrow dormer is very different from the other dormers on this list because it features no sides. In place of sides, the roof covering curves up and over a low wide window. Eyebrow dormers were first used as cottage windows in the middle ages. Today, this beautiful traditional style window  can be used for almost any property style.

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The Elite Builders London dormer window services

Dormer window design 

Elite Builders London is a team of hands-on tradesmen, who are passionate about delivering custom-designed windows to match the exact specifications of our clients in London. We understand that you may not know much about dormer windows, loft conversions and all the moving parts pertaining to them. This is the reason why our friendly building team at our London office is always willing to help and assist in anyway we can. With Elite Builders London, you get an all-inclusive package; execution, design and planning of your dormer windows.

Dormer window construction 

At Elite Builders London, we construct each dormer window in accordance with building regulations. Our dormer windows are also constructed using timber frames based on the roof rafters. The process entails the creation of the roof aperture, installation of glazing, cladding, installation, inside boarding and plastering.

Dormer window repairs 

Dormer windows require attention because they are made with a lot of materials, which can break or fray when exposed to the weather over decades of use, so they need regular checking and repair. If you have a problem with an old dormer window  we can quickly repair your window and get it functioning as new.

Dormer window replacements

For your dormer window replacements, choose Elite Builders London. We deliver affordable and professional dormer window replacement services. We finish most repairs on the first visit. Our dormer window replacement services cover both residential and commercial properties in and around London. As our client, you will enjoy up to 30% lower service cost using our replacement and repair services.

All our replacement windows are made in the UK, which means they are more eco-friendly and lead time for manufacturing is shorter. Each replacement window is manufactured in compliance with the latest leading industry-standards for your peace of mind, and come with a lot of other benefits you will enjoy.

Dormer windows insulation 

Dormers windows are exposed, so a lot of heat can be lost through them. To prevent this, insulation needs to be added on top of existing wall finishes. Even when a loft has been insulated, if there are uninsulated sloping ceilings or dormer windows, then you can lose heat.

Dormer window installation 

The Elite Builders London has over a decade worth of experience installing dormers windows. Our team is made up of highly skilled roofing experts, who can provide high-quality dormer installation wherever you might want it in London.

Dormer alterations 

Your existing dormer window can be altered to create more space or to stop standing water. You can also alter your dormer to improve its look. At Elite Builders London, we offer all kinds of dormer refurbishment services like insulation upgrade, new cladding, and improved energy performance of the dormer window.

Hipped to gable conversion 

With most Hipped roof, there isn’t enough space for a loft but with a gabled conversion, you can make the most of the lofts so that you can put in a staircase where you desire and even an en-suite.

Why choose us?

Guaranteed quality

The lofts we design at Elite Builders London are installed to add value and space to your home. All our lofts are built in compliance with current building regulation standards and restrictions, so you can rest easy knowing that your new loft and dormer windows will be safe and sound.

Home visits 

Before we begin any work, we will arrange a site visit to understand your dormer budget and requirements. We will take measurements and discuss with you the best use of the loft space. You can also schedule a visit to see one of our satisfied customer lofts, similar to the one that you intend to convert. This way, you can see what the space would look like after we have installed the dormer conversion.

We are one of London leading trusted dormer and loft conversion specialists because we have a unique specialised project process, which means we can convert almost any roof.


Our team of builders at Elite Builders London has over 40 years of experience in the construction industry and have worked closely with architects, designers, residential/commercial property and major builders on all kinds of building projects.

Elite Builders London specialises in creating practical, reliable, structurally sound designs and calculations for all kinds of buildings. Our structural engineers have designed and fitted basements, newbuild homes, extensions, dormer loft conversions and more.

Safety focused 

We put our client’s safety and security first at Elite Builders London. Our dormer windows are difficult to assess from the outer part of the building, making them a tough option for would be burglars. To further improve the security of our dormer windows, we also offer other features to increase your security. We can fit a restrictive opening, which can be used to prevent children from climbing and falling by ensuring the window does not fully open. We can also fit dormers with window alarms and locks to make your dormer window even safer.

Timely completion 

No client likes a late delivery of a construction project. We understand this and how it can negatively impact customer loyalty and our rating, so we strive to complete all roofing projects according to project specifications. We have continuously done this over the years and our clients are always amazed by the promptness of our delivery and the quality of our dormer service. In addition, our window  and loft conversion service is very flexible; you can customise your dormer roof at any stage of the project.

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Competitive prices 

We know budget can sometimes be a constraining factor when looking at a dormer. To ensure you get the roofing service you need, we encourage you to get in touch with us, even if what you require is an emergency dormer roof repair. Elite Builders London has some of the most competitive rates in the construction industry. We are also one of London’s leading building companies, delivering dormer roof conversions in London.

Fully trained operatives 

At the heart of our business is a team of fully trained and highly experienced roofing experts, who continuously train to ensure they stay ahead of all industry developments.

Free survey 

Elite Builders London is one of the most trusted and well-established dormer and roofing experts in London. We are always happy to provide, cost-effective roofing repair solutions to our London clients. To ensure you only get the best value for your money, we will offer expert advice and service without skimping on the quality of materials used or the workmanship delivered.

To begin, you can book for a free site survey of your dormer by filling out a form or calling us on 020 8987 8071. Our building experts are waiting to answer your dormer-related questions and queries and provide any information you might need.
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How will I know what size of dormers is right for my house?

Although dormer windows jut out of the roof to create more headroom, the bigger you make them, the uglier they tend to look. The trick is to ensure you get a size of dormer that will look aesthetically pleasing on the outside but still do the job on the inside. Most importantly, get expert construction and dormer design advice to help you choose wisely.

Will I need planning permission?

You will not require planning permission as long as a portion of the dormer, rooflight or extension is above the highest part of the current roof and no part of the rooflight, extension or dormer protrudes more than 15 cm in front of an existing slope of a home which faces a road.

How long does it take to build a dormer?

On an average, a dormer loft conversion on a terraced property would take anywhere about 4 1/2 weeks. A double end or gable dormer conversion for a semi-detached property would take an average of 5 1/2 weeks.

How big should a dormer window be?

When settling on size, it is important that the dormer design doesn't overpower the look of your home. The general rule of thumb is that the window should be smaller than the other windows available in your home and a dormer should not be more than half the entire depth and width of your roof.

What is a false dormer?

For some house styles, dormers are installed to give the illusion of more space, especially in the attic. However, not all dormers are false. A dormer is said to be false when the extending portion of the gable roof is on top of the actual roof.

What is the amount of space a dormer adds?

Modern box dormers can create lots of room on the inside but might look out of place on the outside. The size of the space created would depend on the height of the roof. For example, if you are converting a loft with a low ceiling, get a big dormer. Go smaller if there is a dipped pitch and you can stand up easily inside it.

Can dormer windows be installed on any building style?

The dormer design works well with the different types of architectural styles such as Tudor, Queen Anne, Victorian, Edwardian and so on. Dormers can also work on colonial revival and cottage revival houses as well as houses in the French eclectic style.

What is the cost of a dormer window in the UK?

The average cost of a dormer loft conversion could be anywhere from £30,000- £60,000 depending on the scope and size of the space. On average the cost is usually around £45,000.

Will installing a dormer increase the value of a home?

Dormers will increase the living space in your home. The amount of value you will gain will depend on your property, the location and the appeal of having more space in the home. If you want to install a dormer it is likely the additional space is a big benefit, and so the dormer will add value to your home.

What is the difference between a gable and dormer?

Domers are architectural protrusions coming from the sloping angle of the roof. Dormers have a window at the end of the protrusion, with a mini roof installed to shed water. A gable on the other end sits underneath the roof, where the side of the roof meets at the peak on the first, second or third storey of a house. If an imaginary line is drawn between the bottom of the roof to the top, a triangle will be formed at the highest point of the roof.

How much does installing a dormer cost?

Depending on the complexity and size of the dormer the price could be anywhere from the £XXX - £XXX. For a small 4ft dormer, it might only cost you £XXX to have it installed in your home. Taller and wider dormers closer to 60feet would not cost anything less stand £XXX.

How are dormer windows built?

Dormer windows are majorly made from timber. The main parts that form a dormer are the sidewalls, the roof, and the front wall which typically faces the garden. The side walls are supported in two way: The rafters are bolted or the rafters are double bolted to the sidewalls and then built off the rafters.

What is the purpose of a dormer window?

Dormer windows are mainly used to increase the amount of usable space in a loft or to create window openings in a roof pane.
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