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Plastering Services

Elite Builders London is your friendly, local building company in London. We deliver top quality plastering work to our customers, which we guarantee will be carried out to the highest standards. 

With over 40 years of experience in the building industry, we can carry out all kinds of plasterwork – plastering ceilings, walls, coving, replacing the ceiling, Artex removal, repairs, or new projects. Our plastering services are ideal for commercial, industrial and residential sectors in London and surrounding areas.

Sectors we cover 

Having been in the plastering industry for many years, we at Elite Builders London have the relevant knowledge to deliver plasterwork for our commercial, residential and industrial clients. We are an established, independent, local, fast-growing business, with an excellent reputation and a large base of satisfied customers. 

Our plastering services are great for domestic projects like loft conversions, extensions,

new builds and so on, as well as commercial projects like new development of shops, schools and public buildings. 

Our plastering services

Facelifts, repairs and renovations

We carry out all kinds of repair and renovation plasterwork. Maybe you just rewired your home and would like to repair the surface, or you have a desire to give your kitchen and bathroom a facelift and you need to have the walls re-skimmed after. Regardless of your needs, Elite Builders London is here for you.

Our Guarantee

  • Excellent Reputation
  • Customer Focused
  • Over 40 years Combined Experience
  • Fully Insured
  • Fully Qualified
  • Building Guarantee

Float and set 

If you feel the traditional process of plastering is the right choice for your building, then we recommend you choose the float and set process. The float and set process (wet plastering method) is one of the oldest methods of cement plastering. With this method, a wet undercoat plaster made up of cement and sand is spread on the ceilings and the walls with the help of trowel and is set evenly for a great finish. 

The float and set service we offer at Elite Builders London is a budget-friendly plastering option. We will use the most effective products and apply them in a manner you will love. Regardless of the type of project it is – fresh construction or renovation of your floors, walls or porcelain, our plastering experts will do justice to it.

Plaster over Artex 

Even though Artex was popular in the 70s and 80s, the same cannot be said today. Artex is no longer a fans’ favourites because it contains asbestos. Stuck with an Artex wall? We can help you safely plaster over existing Artex surfaces. 

Elite Builders London is an experienced London plastering firm. We take pride in our ability to deliver quality plastering and rendering service for whatever projects we undertake. We guarantee that our service will be excellent every single time. 

Our goal is to make sure our customers are satisfied and happy with the plastering service we deliver. Regardless of the size or style of your building, we will work to give you only the best.

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At Elite Builders London, we can supply & install ornate and contemporary fibrous plaster mouldings. Our products are handmade at a workshop with the use of high-quality materials and proven traditional methods.

We can also deliver plaster matching services for clients who want their existing design replicated or a stock design replicated. We can als supply columns, cornice, fire surrounds, ceiling roses and more. Depending on the site’s environment and our client’s requirements, we use GRG (Glass Reinforced Gypsum) or traditional fibrous plaster for both commercial and residential sectors.

Dry lining 

Dry lining is the go-to choice for a lot of property owners because it is made of plasterboard material that can be applied directly to the ceilings and walls. In addition, the plasterboard applied comes in various cuts, shapes and thickness. 

Elite Builders London provides one of the best dry lining services in London. We do not just look to attach plasterboard to a wall, we strive to deliver the service in a manner our clients will love. If you require dry lining service in London, give Elite Builders London a call today.

We’ll be happy to get you started and walk you through the process. We guarantee that if you choose us to be your dry lining expert in London, you’ll be glad you did.

Plaster boarding 

Looking for plaster boarding in London? Look no further than Elite Builders London! We offer a fully extensive boarding service. 

What is plaster boarding? Plaster boarding, also known as sheetrock, drywall, gypsum board or wallboard is a type of board that is made from gypsum plaster. During manufacturing, the gypsum is compressed to make for more durable plastering. Plasterboard is typically used for interior walls and ceilings because it is a cheap way to create new structures and fix problem areas on ceilings and walls.

Taping and jointing 

Taping and jointing is the reinforcing and re-covering sheets of plasterboard on the ceiling or wall. Taping is typically used to prepare well for decoration and is a great alternative for a skim coat, where the entire surface of the plasterboard is coated with a layer of plaster. 

When we are conducting a job that requires this service, it is handled by one of our highly qualified painting and decorating operatives. Our tradesmen are fully trained to use specialist equipment for sanding down surfaces. In order to keep the dust generated to the barest minimum, especially in commercial buildings, we make use of connecting vacuums to contain the dust.

Plaster coving 

At Elite Builders London, our team of trained craftsmen delivers the first-rate installation of plaster coving. We can match coving/cornice of any existing model you need replicating and create bespoke decoration based on your specific wishes or/and design. The plaster coving we use is handmade using the finest gypsum and can be customised to fit a wide range of styles – from decorative mouldings to simple elegant designs. 

Our experienced professionals will leave no detail unchecked. We guarantee we’ll provide high-end consultation, design, restoration and installation of your plastic coving.

Plaster work repair 

Have you discovered patches or cracks of loose plaster in the interior walls of your home, especially when you’re redecorating? They will have to be repaired before you can wallpaper or paint them. You can trust Elite Builders London to provide a comprehensive and responsive plasterwork repair service that will cover all your restorative moulding work at your property. 

Having worked in London for a long time, our highly experienced plasterers will restore, repair and replace your cracked damaged plasterwork with high-quality plaster mouldings. We can reproduce and repair bespoke plasterwork moulding in all architectural styles-Victorian, Art Deco, Georgian, Edwardian, Elizabethan, Regency, classical and all kinds of modern designs 

Choose Elite Builders London and our decorators and painters in London will finish your interior in they way you envision.


Are you looking for a building service provider who can work within your budget? Choose Elite Builders London. We are one of London most reliable and professional rendering services. What is rendering? 

Rendering is the use of plaster as a coat for the exterior walls of a building. It is a very popular process used in architectural design but it is also a service that is used during the construction of the building or part of a renovation project. Typically, a cement mixture is applied to the external walls for a smooth and fine textured finish.

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At Elite Builders London, we offer all kinds of commercial and domestic skimming services in London. Our skimming service is great for transforming damaged, cracked or uneven ceilings and walls for smooth finish, making it ready for decoration. Skimming is also an excellent way to cover unwanted artex. 

Our skimming team will use their knowledge and expertise to deliver the best skimming service possible for your commercial or domestic property, regardless of how large or small it is. We also provide valuable information and advice, so you can make the right decision when it comes to your plastering work choice. To begin, call our friendly team today. 

Internal Wall plastering 

Elite Builders London is one of Londons top internal wall plastering specialists. We aim to provide excellent service by working with each customer personally to meet their unique requirements. Our team is made up of professional plasterers who will finish with their job in an organised and timely manner. Upon request, we can also provide referrals from our satisfied clients. This is our guarantee: high quality plastering all the time.

Why choose Elite Builders London London for your plastering in London?


Over the years, we have established ourselves as one of the emerging plastering contractors in London because of our innovative service delivery. We offer an extensive range of services – dry lining, load-bearing, partition systems, plastering, light restructural stainless steel framing and suspended ceiling.

Over 40 years combined experience 

The Elite Builders London team have built up a reputation for reliability and great craftsmanship. We have successfully helped a lot of property owners in London and we look forward to helping more.


Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We ensure that we have a full understanding of your needs and only have skilled tradesmen, who will work your project to guarantee that plastering is done properly down to the smallest detail. Whether you require a new plaster product or an existing perfect mould repaired, we can deliver in whatever volume or size you want. 

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Excellent workmanship 

At Elite Builders London, we are committed to delivering top-rate service and quality workmanship. This is the high standard all plasterers work at. Our team is made up of courteous, highly skilled and efficient plasterers who will deliver an amazing bespoke plastering service to you. 

When you choose to work with Elite Builders London, you get an honest, experienced plastering company and a team of professional tradesmen.

We can guarantee excellent service because we have the relevant expertise and a wealth of knowledge in decorating, painting, rendering and plastering.

Get in touch 

We are always open to enquiries. If you would like to find out how we can help you, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us through our telephone number below: 

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Information about London


What is the difference between Cornice and Coving?

Cornice and coving are both used to bridge the joint between the ceiling and the walls of a room. They are used to cover settlement cracks in the ceiling and walls as a result of heat expansion. The major difference between the two is the way they appear. Coves have a straight line along the ceiling with C shaped curves. Coves are also fitted using panels that are fixed to the ceiling and wall. Cornice, on the other hand, is a more decorative plasterwork which features complex patterns. Regardless, both techniques can dramatically improve the appearance of the room and give it a more elegant look.

Is it possible to remove Artex safely?

When it is wet, Artex is harmless. Although Artex also has low levels of asbestos dust it is still dangerous. The best way to deal with unwanted Artex is to have it plastered over.

What is Wallboarding and why is it necessary?

Wallboarding is the process of applying plasterboard to existing internal walls to create the perfect surface for plastering. Wall boarding is also referred to as wall panels and can be decorated to be a visible exterior wall. The major reason for wallboarding is to create a smooth surface for plastering over. A lot of internal walls are not great for decoration because of crumbling old plaster, crumbling walls, uneven brick wall; with the attachment of waterboarding, the walls will be levelled out to create a smooth surface for a sleeker and more professionally finished wall.

What are wall panels used for?

In most instances, wall panels are installed on the inside but at other times they are used to create an external wall. Wall panels are typically made from precast concrete, which allows for quick and easy framing of building structures. Some Structural panels can be used to replace both external and internal walls.

How long will it take a plaster to dry in winter?

For walls with three or two layers of plaster (backing plaster), you will have to wait on average about 14 to 21 days. If the property is damp - that is, there is a lot of moisture in the air or the work is carried out in winter, you can expect the drying time to increase by about 50%.

How long will it take to plaster a room in the UK?

The time it will take depends on the kind of job. It could be anywhere from 6 to 12 hours for a small ceiling, 2-3 days for a large ceiling or 8 - 12 hours for a medium-sized ceiling.

How can I tell when the plaster is dry?

You can usually tell when the plaster is dry by the colour of the plaster. When the plaster has a uniformed pale pink complexion, it means that it is dried.

How much does plastering cost?

For a small room, you could pay anywhere around £250. A medium room will cost about £200 and a large room, about £400 on average. The average time of completion will be 1 to 3 days based on the size of the room.

Can a heater be used to dry plaster?

If your intent is to only dry the air in the room, having the heater on is fine. Please note that the heater should not be pointed directly at walls, to prevent the new plaster from cracking or shrinking. A dehumidifier is the best thing is to use because it removes the moisture from the air.

Will the use of a dehumidifier help?

Using a dehumidifier is not a bad idea but it will not give a good, lasting finish. Plaster will dry at the rate it should, unless the humidity level is far above what is normal. So, if you make a plaster to dry faster using a humidifier, it will lead to more surface cracking than you anticipate.

What happens if I paint over plaster too quickly?

If you paint over a plaster without it being fully dry, it will cause the paint to peel and create other problems. Thankfully, there are plaster paint which can be used safely while the plaster dries. However, in our experience, plaster paints don't fully dry out as a result of damp.

Is it possible to paint immediately on new plaster?

We recommend that you wait for about 3 to 4 weeks before painting over your plaster, just to ensure that it is safe to paint on. Please note, in some instances, it could take as long as six weeks or more. Occasionally, a fully plastered wall (two or three coats of plaster)will take up to three months to dry out completely.

What is skimming?

Skimming is a plastering technique. It involves applying a thin plaster coat to a wall to produce the smooth surface necessary for decorating and painting. A skimmed plaster is either used to cover up a plasterboard or applied to an existing plaster finish.

How quickly can I have skimmed plaster painted?

Typically, a newly skimmed surface doesn't take a lot of time to dry. On average, it takes around two to three days for the surface to be ready for painting.

Are you Health And Safety Conscious?

Health and safety are very important when working in construction. This is why we are very thorough with our process and carefully ensure all projects are worked on according to all building regulations. We are confident in our ability to professionally work on your site because we adopt safe and efficient work practices.  We are fully insured to work on projects of all sizes. We carry public liability insurance that runs into millions of pounds and have cover for our people working on your site. In addition, we have in-house health and safety consultants, who ensure we are up to date with new rules and regulations and can work safely on site. All of our policies equally cover both commercial and residential sites.
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