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Residential Building Services

Looking for builders in London? Choose Elite Builders London.

We can successfully deliver all kinds of building and refurbishment services for residential homes in London. Our services are conducted in accordance with government regulations and match the highest industry standards. Whether you require a small refurbishment project undertaking or require perhaps a larger building project such as an extension or loft conversion the building services Elite Builder Londons provide will be in line with your specific project requirements.

Whether you require a  small refurbishment project undertaking or require perhaps a larger building project such as an extension or loft conversion the building services Elite Builder Londons provide will be in line with your specific project requirements. We ensure the building process is an efficient, smooth and positive experience for you.

When you choose to work with  Elite Builders, you get a team of experienced, reliable building professionals on your project. For quality service, you can rely on Elite Builders London.

Our Guarantee

  • Excellent Reputation
  • Customer Focused
  • Over 40 years Combined Experience
  • Fully Insured
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Our Building Services

Loft conversions

One of the most cost-effective ways to improve the value of a  property and create more space is to convert a loft. Loft conversions on average take 6 to 8 weeks, but this is much cheaper than moving house. It gives you the actual room you need while eliminating the reason you might have been considering moving homes – inadequate space.


Elite Builders London has the workforce, experience and skills to make your home extension plan a reality – no matter the size, shape or style of your proposed house extension project. We know each extension project is different, which is why we welcome your input when working on your project.

Our service is customized to deliver solutions based on your specific requirements. Need to extend your living room, kitchen or any other room in your home? Look no further than Elite Builders London.

We are happy to take on any kind of project, and both simple and complex design extension projects are welcomed.

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For Experts in General Construction and Renovation

Renovation and Refurbishment

Elite Builders London consists of a team of professionals and tradesmen who have a combined experience of over 40 years in refurbishment and renovation work. We only use high-quality products and highly skilled tradesmen to ensure we deliver to our clients only the best refurbishment and renovation service possible.

At Elite Builders London, we always provide an experienced project manager to each renovation project we carry out to ensure the refurbishment runs smoothly. Any queries or concerns you may have whilst the project is being undertaken are dealt with during the process with your project manager so you are completely satisfied once the project is completed.


Do you want to create the home you’ve always desired or transform your current residential property into your dream home? Elite Builders London will ensure your home is built or transformed according to all that you desire.


Spacious surfaces, neat and handy storage solutions, practical flooring and convenient worktops and lighting… regardless of what your dream kitchen features might be, Elite Builders can deliver. We pay attention to all your requirements, ensuring every single one is met upon completion.

As a leading professional home remodelling company based in London, at Elite Builders London, we offer experienced planning assistance and are committed to ensuring each Kitchen project is completed in the right manner.


Need a basic or bespoke bathroom? Elite Builders London has the relevant skills and experience to deliver. Our bathroom fitting services are exceptional; we work with the best suppliers of bathroom fixtures. We can also help with the procurement of custom bathrooms.

Wall boarding and plastering

Ceilings and walls can get damaged over time. Wall boarding and plastering can fix wear and tear in ceilings and walls. Wall boarding and plastering is a cost-effective way to freshen up the rooms in your property. Elite Builders London can help with rendering, wall boarding, skimming and plastering your home.


Elite Builders London offers an extensive range of services for your building, maintenance and alteration work. We are a team of reliable, experienced and skilled building professionals who can work on all types of home design and maintenance projects.

Design and Build

Elite Builders London offers a comprehensive design and build service – including planning applications, providing architectural drawings, surveys, and full project management,

New Builds

At Elite Builders London can carry out the construction of new build properties, both residential and commercial. If you wish to discuss further please do not hesitate to arrange an appointment for our project manager to look at any drawings you may have or to discuss how we can help you draw up plans for your new build project.

Project management

Elite Builders London always provides a project manager with every project we carry out. Our project managers have the experience and knowledge to work and take on any project management contract, size, shape or design.

Why Elite Builders London?

Unwavering quality

We deliver quality results on every job we undertake, regardless of how complicated or simple it is. Our reputation has been built by sheer hard work and the delivery of high-quality building services for our clients.

We thrive on and take pride in our customers’ satisfaction because our customers are at the heart of our business. Only the best service possible will do for our clients.


Worry-free service

Choosing to take on a building or renovation project is a huge commitment for our clients, so we strive to deliver our services in a professional and friendly manner. Our aim is to deliver innovative services that are worry-free for our customers.

Size doesn’t matter

It doesn’t matter how small or large your building or renovation project is, Elite Builders London is committed to bringing your project vision  to reality.

Qualified team of builders

Elite Builders London is a team of highly trained building professionals at your service. We can deliver all you require to upgrade or build your property. We are a trusted and reliable building company in London and we are proud of the quality of our workmanship and the results we deliver.

Extensive range of building services

One of the things that separates Elite Builders London from other building companies is the extensive range of builders and tradesmen we employ. Why work with different contractors and tradesmen when all of these services can be handled by one building contractor like us?


Our main goal at Elite Builders  London is to transform our clients’ vision into reality. The high standard of our building work stems from our commitment to providing London property owners with services which surpass what most builders deliver. We rarely  turn down a building job; we love what we do and welcome each new building project with open arms.


Elite Builders London maintains the same level of commitment from the beginning to the completion of a project step. It is important that you work with a brand that understands your vision and communicates effectively throughout the building project.

Trustworthy and reputable builders

At Elite Builders London, we have many satisfied customers. We are well known in London for delivering quality service because we create spaces that exceed our clients’ expectations. Each project we undertake is delivered in line with our customers’ requirements and within the stipulated timeframes.

Elite Builders has an in-depth understanding of the building and construction trade, so we can keep each project on schedule by efficiently coordinating materials, workmen, equipment and tools while also factoring other elements like bad weather.

The result? Exceptional delivery every single time.

Latest equipment and tools

Elite builders London only uses the best and latest equipment and tools for all projects we work on. We can also source for all necessary materials for your property renovations; timber, plasterboard, tiles, sealants, paint and more.


We like to build and sustain good relationships with our clients. To ensure the success of our relationship with you, we conduct all our dealings with the highest level of integrity. You can trust Elite Builders London to deliver on what we promise during your consultation.


Elite Builders London is a building company with over 40 years of combined experience in the building and construction industry. We are a  tried and tested team of experienced tradesmen, committed to delivering premier building services.

How to  book our services

Discuss your requirements

During your appointment with our builder, we invite you to discuss the specifics of your building or refurbishment project in detail. We need to understand what you hope to achieve, in order to deliver the best result possible service. Once we have your requirements, our surveyor will take detailed measurements of your home along with photos, then a building quote will be prepared.

Schedule a survey

In order to provide you with the best service possible and an accurate building estimate, a site survey needs to be scheduled first. You can schedule an appointment by filling out our online booking form or calling us on 020 8987 8071. One of our expert builders will be sent to consult and survey your property.

Your quote

Quotes for any building project are typically delivered within 3 to 5 working days. Call us to get a quote on 020 8987 8071.


After you’ve reviewed the quote we provided, you can get in touch with us at your convenience to schedule a building start date. Then a project manager will be assigned to you to monitor the execution of the project and address whatever questions you might have at any point during the project.

Get in touch

We invite you to take advantage of our no-obligation, free site survey and consultation service. Regardless of the size of your project, we are always happy to help.Please find on our contact page details on how you can arrange a free meeting with our experienced consultants, who are always willing to provide you with the help and advice you need for your project, along with a free quote.

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you on your next building project.
Get in touch with us today on 020 8987 8071.

Information about London


Will I require planning permission?

For extensions projects, new builds and so on, you will require permissions. You will also need a building permit to convert a garage or to build a porch over three square metres. If you are still not sure, we recommend you contact your local planning office.

My home is a semi-detached house, will I require a party wall permit?

If you have adjoining neighbours, the law states you will require party wall agreements before you can begin renovation on your property. However, if you can get your neighbour’s permission, that will suffice as well. If you choose to approach your neighbour, we recommend you broach this subject well before your project start date - just in case you may need a new party wall agreements, which typically takes 28 days.

I would like to do my own renovation but I would like your professional help, is this possible?

Renovating your home yourself can be worthwhile and satisfying. However, this is associated with risk. We would love to consult and advise you on all aspects of your project while making ourselves available to handle any task that might be beyond your current skill set.

What sort of information do you typically request?

Any information that will shed light on all you need to be done on your building projects, such as the specific design elements you want to be included, your budget, preferred colour and any other requirements you might have for your project.

Can your builders source all the necessary materials while managing our project?

Yes, we can. Sourcing for materials and handling personnel are some of the services we offer. In our experience, clients who try to manage tradesmen and source for materials by themselves quickly discover they incur more cost as opposed to saving on expenses as they hoped. When you choose an experienced contracting firm like ours to manage your refurbishment project completely, you will be better served.

Would I need to give you a key?

This is totally dependent on your preference. However, not providing a contractor with a key will slow down the progress of a project. This is why three out of four owners give their contractors a key or put it in a lockbox.

What is a change order?

A change of order is works stipulation that is deleted from or added to the original scope of a work contract. Depending on the size of the change, it may or may not alter the original contract sum or completion date. A change order forces a new project to make significant changes to a project.

What is the difference between a general contractor and a home builder?

Homebuilders are often not part of the overall planning of the construction project. A home builder is an individual who can build a house from foundation up. On a construction site, a crew of home builders work with general contractors to physically execute home construction plans.

Do you use subcontractor builders?

This would depend on the installation. For all tiling, tanking and plumbing works, we handle those ourselves. When specialist subcontractors become necessary, we only work with professionals we trust and work with on a retained basis.
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