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For your top quality, affordable roof window in London, choose Elite Builders London. Would you like to replace or upgrade your roof window? Are you converting your loft and need a new Velux window fitted? Or are you considering having a skylight installed in an outbuilding for more light? Regardless of what your roof window requirement might be, Elite Builders London can be of service.

Elite Builders London has been serving customers in London for 10 years We have more than a decade experience in the installation, repair and supply of Velux roof windows, skylights and sun tunnels. At Elite Builders, we offer a comprehensive selection of Velux roof windows and accessories in various styles to meet your individual project needs.

What is a Velux window? 

Velux windows are made from high quality, tough materials which gives them their weather-resistant properties and stylish look. Velux windows have been market leaders for decades.Velux is a well-known and established manufacturer of windows with an impeccable reputation.

Velux windows are made using the latest for innovation and insulation. In addition, the smart home technology attached to Velux windows makes the most of solar power. That, combined with their great design are top reasons why Velux windows have a very large market share.

For more than 60 years, Velux has been in the business of producing roof windows, known for reliability and quality. Velux has a wide variety of products to fit your requirements and is backed up by warranty and great service.

What is a roof window? 

A roof window is a window that opens outward and is built as part of the roof design. Roof windows are often confused with skylights but a roof window is different in a few ways:

  • A roof window is often used when the property owner desires fresh air and light.
  • Roof windows are usually much larger than skylights which means they provide a wider view of the sky above.
  • Another distinguishing factor of a roof window is, it can be open as opposed to skylights that are typically stationary.
  • With certain designs of roof windows, some of the glazed panels can be retracted to allow fresh and natural lighting through the window.
  • Roof windows are typically included in the original/construction of a building but can be added to an existing structure if the slope of the roof and the framework makes it possible for roof windows to be installed. A lot of manufacturers offer prefabricated windows for this kind of addition that can be installed in a quick couple of hours.
  • Roof windows are popular choices for a lot of major national housebuilders because they are reliable, robust and offer great value for money. In addition, because roof windows standard sizes and specifications, they can easily be bought off the shelf.

What are the advantages of installing Velux windows?

Velux windows will provide you with a large amount of natural light in your room, making it spacious, lighter and more usable.

Velux windows are also easy to control, easy to maintain and are highly durable. They are one of the highest quality window products available on the market today. Velux windows are perfect for loft conversions, bringing light to dark spaces, which means you can convert underutilised space into an additional living room, bedrooms, bathrooms and more.

Velux windows are especially ideal for windowless hallways, cupboards, and bathrooms because they open up small spaces. Every homeowner understands that extra square-foot in the house is a valuable commodity and that it is important to make the most of what you have. Velux windows boost natural light and can increase the livable space in a home, which means you can have extra room for a study, an additional bathroom, storage and more.

Installing a Velux window in your home would also improve its value. It will have more lights, acoustic insulation, improved ventilation and superior thermal comfort, all of which are features homebuyers look for. As you can see, installing a Velux window is a very sound investment.

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The Velux window products available at Elite Builders London 

Roof windows 

We have a wide range of Velux roof windows, and they can come in various sizes, finishes and style. Each style providing a distinct aesthetic feature but still functioning to bring more light and air into any space in your building.

Modular Skylight systems 

The modular system can be seamlessly installed into the existing design of a home or incorporated into a new design when construction planning is going on. Modular skylight systems are built to draw in natural light into modern flat-roofed homes.

White painted Velux 

With the new range of white painted Velux, you can create a brighter, lighter living space. With the white finish, light is reflected back into your home extension or loft conversion. In addition, the white finish will match with other white accents such as doors, windows, ceiling and complement contemporary and even traditional decor.

Conservation windows 

With the black finish exterior and a vertical centre bar, classic conservation windows are designed to tastefully blend into the roof of your existing building. All our Velux conservation roof windows come in the traditional black conservation style but with the technical superior feature of a modern roof window.

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Sun tunnels 

Natural daylight brings the interior of any room to life, in a manner artificial lighting cannot. You can enjoy the changing light at all times of the day and season wherever there is a Velux sun tunnel.

Flat roof windows 

Flat roof windows mean that you can easily get in fresh air and daylight into a flat-roofed home.

Center pivot roof windows

Centre pivot roof windows are great for loft conversions, extensions, and home renovation. Velux centre-pivot roof windows are especially great for home extensions. If you would like ventilation and more natural light in your home, you can achieve this with the use of this stylish roof window.

Center pivot roof windows are one of the premium roof windows with a maintenance-free internal finish. Using one will add a contemporary, sleek look to your living space and also give you complete ventilation for your optimum comfort.

These windows are easy to operate because they have a clever top control bar, so the window can be installed lower than a top hung window and provide an excellent view – seated or standing.

Blinds and shutters

Pleated or Venetian? Roller or blackout? You can add the perfect finishing touch to your Velux roof window from our selection of the Velux shutters and blinds. We have one of the biggest range of roof window shutters and blinds, and a selection of fabrics, colours, styles and designs complete to match any space. The Velux windows we carry are designed with optimal functionality in mind. They are beautiful and sleek. With the various available fabrics and materials, there are endless options available to you.

The Velux blinds and shutters we carry are designed to provide sunscreen, light control and heat protection. Our Velux roof window blinds can either come as exterior or an interior blind with solar, electric or manual operation.

Velux accessories 

At Elite Builders London, we offer a wide selection of Velux accessories. We have insulation products for window touch-ups, accessories to upgrade your windows accessories and more.

Top hung 

A top hung window is a great alternative to a centre pivot window. Top hung windows open outward to provide an unobstructed view out of a room. Top hung windows also give the illusion of space, with more light, smaller rooms appear larger.

Top hung windows are especially great in small spaces, you can have whatever furniture you want underneath the window and make the most of all available space.

Velux flashings 

Flashings are an integral part of a roof window. Without flashings being installed, the probability of a window having a leakage is high. Water leakage is often hidden in the roof cavity, which means they are harder to spot and would only be noticed when it is too late. If this happens, you will spend a lot of money and time fixing the water leak damages to your roof. To avoid this, Velux flashings kits can be integrated with your Velux roof windows, to make it completely watertight, regardless of weather condition.

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Velux flat roof 

With the Velux Flat roof range, you get exceptional value for money. A flat roof window is great for flat roof extensions and home renovations. Velux flat roof windows have a unique glass top, and so they draw in twice the amount of daylight than a vertical window, making the room look brighter, more spacious and lighter.

Whether you require a flat roof, dome, a Velux flat roof or a Velux flat glass window, we at Elite Builders London can provide it at very competitive rates. Not only will installing a flat roof window provide natural daylight, but it will also increase the quality of air in your space and give your interior a brand-new look.

Velux home automation 

With a Velux home automation system your blinds will automatically lower during a hot summer afternoon, your windows will automatically let in fresh air when you need it, for your comfort at all times. With a Velux home automation system installed, you can close your roof windows with just a touch – the number of things you can do with a Velux home automation system is endless.

Why choose Velux windows from Elite Builders London?

At Elite Builders London, we only work with market-leading brands who we trust to supply the very best, to guarantee your utmost satisfaction. Velux was first incorporated in UK 1954. They have a lot of experience in the window product industry, their products are affordably priced and of very good quality.

Our service is flexible and professional and we only stock high-quality Velux products and accessories.

If you would like a question answered or more information about our Velux window products or services, we are just a phone call away. We are always happy to help you with whatever you need.

Contact us 

Thank you for choosing to work with Elite Builders London. If you are interested in our Velux window products and would like to see the options we have available, please get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to discuss the options with you. We can also help you select the best Velux window for your property. We have an extensive selection of manual and electrically powered Velux windows in various sizes and styles.

Buying a Velux window from Elite Builders London means you get the benefit from our free delivery and lowest price guarantee. It doesn’t matter if you need help with selection or planning restrictions, we will guide you every step of the way. We look forward to hearing from you and help you get the best Velux window for your property.

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Can I use Alexa with my Velux window?

No. The Velux ACTIVE with NETATMO can only be paired with Apple HomeKit. Integration with Amazon's Alexa and Google home is not currently supported.

Will I need to service my Velux windows?

Yes. To prolong the life of your Velux roof window, you will need to give it a simple touch up using the Velux maintenance kids intermittently. At Elite Builders London, we carry a wide selection of Velux products you can use to repair a scratch, replace a filter, oil hinges, or paint the frame for a new look.

Can the glass in my Velux skylights be replaced?

Velux skylights come in various models, some of them electrical retractable shades that cover the glass, while others come with vents that can be opened. Regardless of the Velux skylights style, there is always the probability that the Velux glass will crack or fall. Thankfully, you can buy your Velux glass from us and have it replaced in minutes.

Can Velux windows be painted?

Traditional Velux windows com pre-painted, which is why you can get the white painted version (and white Velux roof windows). If you own a polyurethane roof window, regular household cleaning products is all you need to clean your Windows

Can I fit Velux blinds myself?

Yes, it is possible for you to install Velux blinds by yourself if you so desire. Velux blinds are built for easy installation in Velux roof windows and skylights. Velux blinds are easy to install because they are made to fit, and you only need a few screws with no adjustments or cutting of the blind necessary during installation.

What is the lifespan of a Velux window?

Velux windows are built to last, so most Velux windows come with a 10-year guarantee. If you regularly keep them clean and in tip-top shape, they can last for longer. To help prolong the longevity of your Velux windows, we can provide you with Velux maintenance kits that contain foam pads and replace filters.

Are Velux windows self-cleaning?

Our Velux windows can be cleaned easily with just water and no detergent. The Velux windows we supply have a chemical coating that breaks down dirt on a window when it reacts with UV rays.

Do Velux windows feature triple vents?

Velux roof windows are proof that a closed window doesn't mean you won't get adequate ventilation. All our windows have a unique ventilation flap, which makes it possible for fresh air to come in even though the window is closed. This means the temperature in a room would be optimal, even if you can't open the window.

Can Velux windows be fixed in a flat roof?

Yes. It is a common misconception that a Velux window cannot be installed on a flat ceiling but the opposite is the case. Velux windows can be added to a flat roof to provide ventilation and a source of natural light.

How long will it take to install my Velux window?

This would depend on the amount of installation work and the installation process used. Typically it would take anywhere between one or two days.

What are the materials used to make skylights?

Glass is one of the major things used in creating Velux skylights because they are energy efficient and do not deteriorate as quickly as plastic. It is, however, possible to have energy-efficient skylights in durable plastic double domes because of the larger opening size required for this type for commercial skylights.

Would I need planning permission to install a roof window?

Installing the roof window in an existing roof is classified as a minor alteration and is seen as a thermal structural alteration. An external door/window is called a controlled-fitting under building regulations and because of this classification, there are certain standards as outlined by the regulation code that has to be met before that door or window is replaced. One of the ways to not have to deal with the confusion that comes with this is to engage the services of a registered installer (registered with the relevant competence scheme like the Velux installer partnership). If you engage the services of a registered installer, they will already have the authorisation to carry out the work in compliance with building regulations without having to run it by local authority building control. After the work has been completed, a certificate of completion will be given to you by the registered installer to show the work was carried out by a registered contractor. Saving you money on building control fees and reducing the cost of the entire project significantly.

What is GPL Velux and GGL Velux?

Top hung (GPL) is recommended by Velux for lower-level installation such as shallow roof pitches. GPL is manually operated and is great for escape purposes. The centre pivot (GGL) is recommended for higher reach windows and just like the GPL it is also manually operated.
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