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Elite Builders London has the skill and expertise to handle any project from the building design to the execution stage. We provide complete building solutions, including preliminary design development, acquiring planning authorisation, adhering to control regulations for building, presenting comprehensive tender or feasibility reports, on-site construction supervision, quality control and health and safety measures.

Through our conventional building, design work, design process, and project management services, we offer extensive building services to individual homeowners, developers, and commercial property owners. We have the requisite experience and knowledge to undertake any building project you may have. We’re capable of managing the entire project process, taking the stress off our clients and giving them the freedom to concentrate on other things.

Contacting Elite Builders London for your design and build project gives you the assurance that we’ll handle each stage of the project proficiently.

You can count on us to deliver the great building work for your project; from using high-quality materials to make sure that your project is done according to your specifications. Get in touch on 020 8987 8071 for a free estimate or to discuss the designs for your building work.

About Our Design and Build Service

Our design and build service allows us to work on your project from scratch to finish and deliver both the design and planning and the building side of the project you contracted to us. Involving us right from the initial stage will enable us to assemble a highly skilled team to deliver the best results at each stage of the project, accelerating the entire process and ensuring that we are in tune with every building requirement.

Being in control of the project enables us to oversee the building work properly and make sure all operatives work together to deliver on time and within budget. We keep our clients informed at each stage without getting them involved in the stress inherent in the building process.

Our Guarantee

  • Excellent Reputation
  • Customer Focused
  • Over 40 years Combined Experience
  • Fully Insured
  • Fully Qualified
  • Building Guarantee

Design and Build Advantages

Producing the right design for your project is necessary, and it can have a significant effect on the cost of the project and the functionality of the end result. When Elite Builders London design and build service handles your project, you’ll enjoy a wide range of building options from our qualified builders and proactive planning to ensure quality and durability.

Our design and build teams offer transparency, control and organisation from the initial construction meeting to the final stage of the build. We offer extensive project management services that include preliminary consultation, design, materials procurement, operations and construction.

We have experienced builders that support and guide our clients during the building period, providing advice that is relevant to each aspect of your London building project.

We provide a complete design and build service, which ensures flawless workflow during the whole construction or renovation period, whether on simple house extensions or complex building repairs.

Procedure for Our Design and Build

Our design and build procedures are tailored to deliver award-winning results and projects that are of extremely high quality.  We follow the best building methods and practices throughout every project.

Stage 1: Discussion 

The initial stage of the process requires us to have an in-depth understanding of what you want to build. We’ll pay attention to every detail of your requirements to enable us to come up with a solution that fits your financial plan.

We combine creativity, ideas and innovation that are distinct and practicable to help open up the conversation and get to grips with the details of what you want to build. Our clients are crucial to any design potential. We never make it about us, what’s trending or in fashion. It’s always about the building goals and requirements.

Stage 2: Design 

The next stage is to formalise your ideas into building designs. We can visualise a design process that will create an outstanding physical structure that meets your needs, whilst also perfectly capturing and incorporating your unique ideas.

A superior design is the result of a well-planned design process. It leads to a remarkable building. Imagine a construction process our clients claim is fun-filled; a process that brings together engineers, architects and interior designers in one space to team up and serve you.

Stage 3: Construction 

After the discussion and design stages, architectural drawings are made for relevant agencies and building purposes. At this stage, the exact budget headings are already ascertained for various aspects of the project. 

We boast of a team of professionals, consultant architects and consultant designers who can handle projects of any type and offer excellent finishing on each project. Whether you’re renovating a complete building, refurbishing an existing room or building an extension, our goal is to help you fulfil your dream of a flawless home, and we’ll stick around till you achieve that.


Our design and build services include a total package, from consultation to construction. The sectors we cover include:


Elite Builders London offers contemporary bespoke solutions for your residential design and build requirements.

Our architectural team is able to understand project requirements and translate them into construction drawings. We possess an impressive track record and reputation in offering premium residential construction. We have the experience to handle new building developments, refurbishments, and extensions of buildings in London.


Our builders possess extensive knowledge and skill to undertake the design and build for our commercial clients. We’re attentive to every detail and we’re committed to building properties that you will be proud of. We are available for small and complex construction projects. If you want a stress free and high-quality building service, Elite Builders London has what it takes to construct your London project from conception to design and completed construction. We are a full-service company with builders and consultant architects that offer high quality commercial building services in London.


High-class Homes

We are a high end building company, offering state-of-the-art, exclusive build & design services for high end residential properties in London. We offer quality workmanship, leaving our clients with high-class homes. Elite Builders London offer world-class building services to clients; we’re the go-to company for high-end, luxury residential buildings.

Our builders and tradesmen deliver every custom project proficiently. We pride ourselves on ensuring that our clients get their dream homes.

New Builds

Building a new home for the first time can be overwhelming. That’s why it’s necessary to contact an experienced and professional builder like Elite Builders London. We are a first choice contractor for many property developers. We can build plans you have drawn up, or we can get involved from the start and help you with planning and design.

We have a reputation for delivering first-class builders and tradespeople on all new building projects. We never compromise our high standards and plan our building projects and schedule so that we are not over-stretched. If you have new buildings to be built then get in touch with our building team on 020 8987 8071.

Why Elite Builders London?

Skilled and Proficient Team

With more than 40 years combined experience in the construction industry, we’ve undertaken different projects in residential, commercial and industrial sectors. We’re knowledgeable in a variety of jobs like extensions, basement conversions, bathroom remodelling, kitchen remodelling, and loft conversions. No matter the size of the project, we’re well-positioned to handle it and provide you with the best services.

We Maintain High Quality

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver first-class houses for city apartments and family homes. We work with our designers and architects to deliver attractive, elegant and appealing areas for homes, offices, and industrial construction projects.

Elite Builders London has built a strong reputation for delivering excellent building work, paying attention to every detail. You don’t need to involve third parties.

Our team includes builders, electricians, plumbers and carpenters, saving you from the stress of hiring all the trades yourself. We handle the full building project from start to finish.

Transparent Service

We’re fully aware it can be overwhelming when you’re looking for the right building company or contractor for your new home. This is why you should contact Elite Builders London. We’re honest and transparent with our services; a guarantee that your new home will meet and exceed your expectations.

Whether you want to extend an existing building or build new large-scale homes on a new site, our approach to each project ensures we deliver quickly and within budget. We’ll discuss with you and offer solutions that are best for your building project and fit within your financial plan.From your first contact with us to project completion, we’re transparent with our approach at each stage. You’ll also have clear quotes detailing all building costs.

We’re a Full-service Building Company

At Elite Builders London, our team consists of members from all tradespeople that can undertake any aspect of your building project. We possess the expertise to handle just about any residential or commercial project, including building new homes, refurbishing an existing building, shops, office buildings, multi-unit residential buildings, factories, warehouses and hotels. We make use of specialists like qualified architects and experienced structural engineers for the design aspect of each project. We cover all aspects of building projects, including flooring, interior and exterior painting, plumbing, landscaping, plastering, electrical work and lighting, door fitting, carpentry, brickwork, masonry, groundwork and tiling.


At Elite Builders London, we’re committed to helping our clients understand each stage of their building project. We ensure our clients are completely satisfied with our workmanship. We use high-quality building materials from the best sources. We offer full building services according to your requirements and specifications.

Competitive Pricing

We guarantee you high-quality construction services, from design to building completion at competitive prices, without ever compromising on our high standards. You can count on us to build an excellent property for you within the agreed budget.

Health and Safety

At Elite Builders London, we implement all necessary safety measures on construction sites to prevent accidents,and reduce building risk.

All Elite Builders London all of our tradespeople and any third party contractors we engage adhere to a stringent health and safety policy. Elite Builders London develop risk assessment and safety methods for each aspect of our operation.


Many building companies lack the requisite knowledge to give a cost estimate of a project unless the initial design is done. They depend on third party contractors who may come up with quotations that can affect a client’s budget or the original design.

Elite Builders London makes costing a building project easier. We have quantity surveyors who provide cost estimates at the early stage. We promise value for your money in any building project. When we have completed a survey we provide a comprehensive proposal that contains all you need to know about your project costs. Contact us today on 020 8987 8071.

Do you want to design and build a new building? Do you have questions about building designs? At Elite Builders London, we efficiently and effectively serve our building clients in London. Our reliable, experienced and knowledgeable builders and tradespeople ensure that the quality of our workmanship is always excellent.

Information about London


What is a complex construction project?

The word “complex” is sometimes confused with “complicated.” Complex refers to a thing that has many parts, while complicated means something that is hard to comprehend or analyse. Complexity is the right term to use when talking about building projects.

What differentiates traditional architecture from modern architecture?

Most people differentiate between traditional and modern buildings based on taste. Historic designs include Spanish, Neoclassical, Victorian or Colonial, all of which influences traditional house designs, while contemporary residences are tailored after the 20th-century modern design.

What differentiates conventional design from integrative design?

Conventional designs are independent of one another. They are planned and installed separately; while integrative designs mean every stakeholder gets to work together to develop all areas of the design.

What is an integrated design in building?

Integrated design is an extensive holistic approach to design which combines separate specialities. This approach involves designing a building while considering all aspects like structural engineering, architecture, HVAC, and solar design.

What is a traditional building?

Traditional building generally refers to buildings built before 1919 from various natural materials like stone, brick, earth, wood and lime with solid walls.

What are the benefits of design and build?

When you engage a company to both design and build for you there is more accountability, building projects can run more smoothly and be completed faster, and it is easier to ensure all stakeholders have a clear understanding of the building requirements.

Is design and build costlier?

When you have our company both design and build your structure it can actually be cheaper. Elite Builders London can then plan building resources better, and can offer suggestions on ways to reduce costs in your construction project.

What is design and build work?

Design and build is the process where a construction team delivers the project awarded them through a contract from the project owner. It involves the entire process, from initial stages to building completion.
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