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Elite Builders London Bespoke Joinery

Elite Builders London specialises in making high-end, custom-made joinery for different building requirements. Our designs are built on technical knowledge and joinery experience.  We specialise in using premium materials and traditional joinery methods in making our wooden and metal structures.  We always ensure that we work with precision and pay meticulous attention to detail when embarking on a joinery project.

Integrity, quality and collaboration are strong binding forces among our joiners. We try to offer the best service possible and our team of workers put in all efforts to make our clients 100% satisfied.

We have a legacy of building long-lasting relationships, doing multiple repeat joinery projects with our clients, and we are proud of what we have achieved with our growing construction client base.

Elite Builders London is not afraid to take on difficult joinery tasks or complicated designs, instead, we put in massive collective effort to create the best out for whatever is needed and we always ensure that both our joinery service and client care are at an exceptionally high level.

Our Services

Elite Builders London offers a wide range of joinery products and services to suit the choice of any client. Whether it’s simple, complicated or customised joinery, consider partnering with Elite Builders London. Here’s a list of our joinery services:

Commercial Joinery

Commercial joinery is one of Elite Builders London’s strong points. We’ve built an active joinery client base over the years because it’s our number one priority to give our clients the best. We believe we are the first choice you should consider when it comes to your skirting, built in cabinets, roofing work, exterior woodwork, built in wardrobes, cupboards, windows, banquet seats and many more products in the commercial sector.

You name it, we make it. The quality of our woodwork ensures that our clients achieve the look they desire for commercial joinery projects.

Internal and External Joinery

Our team of experts will ensure that you get the best mouldings, panelling and cabinetry.

We will ensure you get quality custom made joinery to fit into any interior and exterior requirements. When there is a need for quality fencing and cladding, our experts are also here for you.

Our solid joinery work does not fade or wither, instead, it shines with age and retains function due to the quality wood and metals we use. We combine old-time traditional joinery techniques and new-age technology to give you the best of joinery, even on the most challenging of joinery projects, or when the deadlines are tight.

Specialist Joinery

Elite Builders London is known for completing custom-made joinery projects and high-level woodwork in London. Our carpentry designs are specifically made to take your breath away and bring the final touch of quality to the finish of a property.

We don’t rely on our strength alone; we work hand in hand with well recognised and talented designers

professional architects, experienced project commissioners and technical experts who have the ability to see what we have in mind for our clients and to help us bring it to reality. We work as a multi-disciplined team to delivery specialist joinery projects with care, innovation and skill.

Architectural Joinery

We have a team of experts who specialise in providing the best architectural designs for clients. Our work includes exquisite windows, kitchen cabinets, room skirting and architrave, staircases, and so on; everything you need to make your home or office look just right. We’ll ensure you get the best quality joinery for roofs and the structure of your property, and all the right finishes. Our team will pay careful attention to handling your woodwork with care.

Our architectural joinery services include:

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Project Planning for Joinery

When making a joinery design, we do not rush into it. We take out the time to plan so we can create excellent designs for every wood project. Our joiners are ready to work with you to bring out the beautiful ideas you have in mind and convert them into the finish you imagine. You can trust us with your joinery work. We’ll ensure that all our woodwork is properly checked before signing off and we’ll always use the right wood for the job.

Why Use Our Joinery Services?

Elite Builders London offers one of the best joinery services in London. We have that unique ability to design our pieces carefully and uniquely to maximise space, function and aesthetic appeal. Our joinery services are suitable for all budgets and styles. We tactfully select our lumber, wooden panels, veneers and mouldings to suit the project scope, budget and finish requirements.

From bespoke designs for shelves or display areas to elaborate kitchen cabinetry, our workers are ever ready to satisfy your desire. We take extreme pleasure in producing unique joinery finishes for office spaces, tasteful reception areas, hotels, homes and boardrooms. If you want a bar, we can design to your taste as well. Over the years, we’ve learnt the necessary skills to bring perfection to your wood designs.

We have a group that supplies our architectural metalwork, stones, glass, upholstery, laminates, veneers and ironmongers. Our team is capable of manufacturing any joinery to your taste, including reception desks, cabinets, wall panelling, fire doors and so on. No matter what the request, our company will provide an excellent service.

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Why You Should Work with Elite Builders London

Our location in London makes it easier for us to carry out our joinery services all around London. We specialise in custom-made joinery and make sure we delight every client we help. Our products are unique and exciting. Here are some reasons why you should work with Elite Builders London:

We have a better creation and design process

We believe this is what sets us apart from other joiners. With a well-organised system, we carry out most of our projects in our workshop, unlike some other joiners who have to order materials first and transport the material to building sites before they can start processing their work.

We build the carcass in our workshop including the doors, drawers and cabinets. All these are done in the workshop to save time and give room for quick installation. This process allows us to finish faster than our competitors and prevent unnecessary noise and disturbance onsite.

Our Guarantee

  • Excellent Reputation
  • Customer Focused
  • Over 40 years Combined Experience
  • Fully Insured
  • Fully Qualified
  • Building Guarantee

We are competent and experienced

Our 40 years of combined experience in creating custom-made joinery has made us well-known for all-round quality and excellence. Over the years, our team has produced tasteful wooden architectural products, using both traditional and modern techniques. We make sure we always maintain our high standards so we never deliver anything less than exceptional quality joinery to our clients. We are passionate about what we do and this passion fuels our effort to create the best custom-made joinery for our clients.

We are health and safety conscious

As a family-owned business, we value our staff and make it our priority to provide proper and safe working conditions for our joiners in the workshop, and when working at height. This is no mean feat, but the safety of our team and the public comes first. We install functional safety equipment in our factory and follow best practice work at height processes when working on scaffolding and ladders.

We provide exceptional service

At Elite Builders London, we are capable of providing bespoke joinery like sales counters, retail stands, walls and storage units, etc. Our services include one-off pieces and repeatable products for multi unit or multi site joinery projects as well. You can count on every piece of advice given to you by our expert joiners, as they know what they are talking about.

Our products are state-of-the-art and our design techniques are exceptional, so you can have peace of mind that with us you get high-quality craftsmanship from skilled tradesmen and women. We tailor every joinery design according to individual specifications and design requirements including shape, colour, size, type of material and finishes.

Our joiners are perfectly capable of handling everything for you. From managing the contracts to discussing with manufacturers, we can manage the full lifecycle of your joinery needs. You can rest assured that our joiners will deliver effectively, taking unnecessary burdens from you, so you can focus on what you need to do.

We pay attention to details

With our custom made joinery, every product we create gives a unique fit for your building. We ensure our measurements are precise and, since our products are custom made, they have the tendency to last much longer than the average woodwork. Our products are made with high-quality woods and we work closely with our clients to create special designs and unique concepts for homes, hotels, public buildings and offices.

We are cost-effective

We understand the financial constraints that come with most building projects. We use the most cost-effective approaches when crafting your wooden structures. We liaise with our clients to discuss a preferable cost range for their joinery phase. We then offer woods, designs and timelines that are appropriate. Our team of builders have mastered project planning and we make use of simple steps to create beautiful designs to satisfy our clients, even on a budget.

With the cooperation of our clients, we design the products to fit their specifications and budget. With a clear understanding of what your budget is, our joinery experts will offer advice on options to consider within your budget and ensure that you get exceptional quality on your staircases, windows, doors, skirting and anything else you need.

In addition to free joinery quotes, we conduct a free survey to help you understand the best joinery solutions. Our tradesmen are ever ready to assist on projects, no matter the size or location. Custom-made joinery does not always equate to  a high price. We’ll deliver your project with quality, on time and within budget.

Our team is reliable and they pay proper attention to every joinery task. When you work with us, you can have peace of mind. Call us for a free joinery quote in London, or for a free site consultation.

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Do you provide drawings?

Once we agree on a design, our joinery team will provide you with detailed sketches so you can confirm that it's what you want. That way, you get exactly the joinery products that you need.

Can you make an identical replacement if necessary?

Yes, when our wood products are made they are made with specific measurements so we can make an identical replacement when needed.

How long does it take to make your joinery?

Our standard delivery and installation takes approximately 2-6 weeks after receipt of the deposit and confirmation of finishings and any drawings where needed. We undertake express joinery services at an additional cost.

Can I be around while the joinery work is being done?

This depends on a number of factors. If you are allergic to dust, for instance, it would be better to not be around the work area. If we need to install furniture in the kitchen, your water and power might be disconnected. If you can improvise, given such inconvenience, there won't be any need to vacate. We won't leave your place a mess. Our team always mop up all dust and debris once work is completed. We use dust sheets on all floors and cover soft furnishings. Our tools have dust extractors to remove dust and rubbish during and at the end of every job. After the joinery work your property will look as clean as before we came in.

What if there is a problem with the furniture?

Our products come with a warranty. If there's a problem with our furniture, contact us and state the problem. Our team will ensure you get the best service while we fix any issues.

Do you use your own fitters?

Yes, unless the destination of delivery is beyond our operational area. Our joiners ensure the project is a success through transportation, assembling and finishing. If any problem arises, they can tackle it with full knowledge of the project. If your site is too far away, you can work with a local fitter and we just ship the product. We tend to only work on projects in which we can get on site though.

What is bespoke joinery?

Bespoke joinery is simply custom-made furniture and woodwork. The processes of making the products require more attention and differ based on individual needs.
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