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Ellie Builders London can restoration, repair and renewal all types of sash windows in London. We can source beautiful custom sash windows in multiple designs, configurations and styles. Give your home a timeless look and feel with beautiful wooden sash windows.

We are the one-stop-shop for all your sash window needs. We offer a full range of sash window services including repairs, refurbishing, draft proofing, and restoration.

The Elite Builders London new box sash windows are fully finished;  you won’t need to hire a decorator to paint the window after it’s been installed. Regardless of the style of your property (contemporary or traditional), sash windows supplied by Elite Builders London will beautifully transform the aesthetic appeal of your property.

Why sash windows

Authentic traditional  charm

Sash windows are built in a classic style which makes them great for conservation properties. If what you desire is a sash window with the maintenance-free feature of a uPVC window in a traditional design, then you will love our woodgrain option.


Not only are sash windows stylish, but they are also practical. Sash windows can be opened either at the bottom or top to let in more air. If you would like a more secure option, sash windows can be fitted with the restrictors which allow you to ventilate a room without having to open your windows completely. If you go with the uPVC option, your sash windows can be tilted inwards for easy cleaning and access.

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Sliding sash windows are one of the most sought-after window styles because of the aesthetics and its historical association with wealth and style. Sliding sash windows are one of the top go-to choices for heritage building, while modern homes go with casement windows.

The sash window styles we offer

If you are currently looking to replace the windows on your older property or if you’d like to buy a new one for your period styled home, then you would need to pick your windows style carefully. Listed below are the sash window styles we offer:

Edwardian sash windows

Edwardian sash windows are great for properties that can be traced back to the early 20th century. Edwardian sash windows have a 6 pane over 6 pane design.

Elite Builders London can supply and fit sash windows for listed properties, period and conservation properties (Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian sash window). Every single sash window is custom-made to match the original character of your home.

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Victorian sash windows

Victorian sash windows are very distinct because they feature run-through sash horns. This feature is reminiscent of the Victorian era where two-panel grid design on the bottom and top pains was favoured.

Georgian sash windows

Georgian sash windows have a 6 pane or 6 pane design and small square glasses which are traditionally held using Astragal bars. In this century, Georgian sash windows are used for decoration purposes only.

Elite Builders London sash window options

uPVC sash windows

Our uPVC sash windows are built to provide insulation, value, performance, reduce noise and are almost maintenance-free. If you are going for a traditional box sash windows, we can incorporate beads, sculptured frames, wood grain effect, Georgian bars and run-through horns. Our sliding sashes make it easy to operate two sashes in one outer frame, each individual sash working independently of the other on a balanced mechanism built to hold them at height.

With this ingenious design feature, our sashes can be tilted inwards to make for easy and safe cleaning. The structural strength of our sliding sashes is enhanced further by the use of steel in the internal chamber of the profile for increased strength and stability.

Timber Sash windows

The timber sliding sash windows we supply are designed to maintain the elegant proportions of traditional sash windows but with the properties of modern sash windows, especially as it applies to maintenance problems or draft issues. All Elite Builders London timber windows are fully painted in top quality RAL collar and are fitted with quality Mighton hardware.

Our timber sash windows come with springs, cords and weights and are hand-made by our joiners using hardwood from sustainable sources or engineered hardwood and softwood seals. For thermal efficiency, our timber sash windows are double glazed with 4/16/4 argon field sealed unit, featuring a warm edge spacer.

Our sash windows services

Sash window restoration/refurbishment

Elite Builders London can restore and refurbish casement windows, traditional sash windows and period doors. Our sash window double glazing and draft proofing upgrades and increases the security and comfort of your home without the original heritage appearance been altered. We can also repair and restore poorly completed sash window conversions.

Over the years, we have restored and rebuilt a lot of original windows that other sash window companies refused to take on. This has saved our clients a lot of money because repairing sash window frames is not as expensive as having new windows installed. Repairing an old sash window is also one of the better ways to preserve the architectural significance and character of period homes.

Sash window repair

Has your sash windows been tagged ‘unfixable’ by other sash window companies in London? Are you unwilling to have your original sash window replaced by something newer? Allow us to repair your sash windows. We hate to see quality joinery with so much history thrown out when a simple overhaul or repair can make the window look good again, even if it is a 130 years old.

We have seen a lot of period sash windows replaced with wooden double glazed sash windows when double

glazing of the original sash window would have been a more viable option. To get your tired windows back to life, please contact us at Elite Builders London today.

Sash window replacements

If your current sash window frames are in good condition but the moving parts need replacement, we can supply and install a new window sash for your window frame; saving you money that would otherwise have been spent on new window installation. Our sash windows are designed with the same stylish features, known as core design elements of the original timber sash windows such as decorated sash horns, astragal glazed bars, and so on. The sash section, jams, and hardware are also engineered to look just like the original traditional timber sash windows.

Sash window installation

Elite Builders London can renovate and replace your sash window. We can also offer advice on glazing, hardware, and answer any questions you may have regarding noise protection, durability and energy efficiency.

Are you a London homeowner in search of an experienced sash window fitting team with the relevant experience to repair or replace your sashes properly? Choose Elite Builders London. We would love to work with you. We promise the service we deliver will be excellent. We strive to keep our sash window installation prices transparent and affordable by tailoring our service to meet your unique specifications and project needs.

Draft proofing

The  Elite Builders sash window service is designed to improve the performance of your sash window without altering the charm and character of your property. Sash windows are usually built with a 3mm air gap, which makes it easy for sashes to be operated. Unfortunately, this 3mm gap is the root cause of a lot of the problems linked with sash windows, such as rattling windows, ingress of dust, reduced energy efficiency and rot.

This is where draft proofing sash windows becomes necessary. A sash window that hasn’t been draft-proofed will allow external noise, dirt, dust and rot into your home while heat escapes. Elite Builders London offers one of the best draft proofing services in London.

Why choose Elite Builders London?

Fully bespoke

Elite Builders London sash windows are individually built to fit your home. Our sash windows come in a variety of colours, configuration and glazing finish, so you can have your sash window designed to match your style.

Bespoke windows are manufactured as one of the jobs for specific projects. They are usually flexible in terms of the number of details that can be included on the window. For instance, we can incorporate mouldings made-to-match present an existing window design.

Quality design and build

Our sash windows can either be double or single-hung. Our windows feature an amazing level of detail on the outside and a very impressive quality build on the inside. Our sash windows are carefully counter-balanced using a system of hidden springs and runners, and open and close mechanisms, which operates in one smooth and easy motion. Our sash windows can also be designed to have the authentic look of a sliding sash window and you can also play around with the window colour options and create a  distinct look for your home.

Competitively priced

One of the things that distinguishes Elite Builder London from other window double glazing companies is the competitiveness of our prices. We deliver premium quality sash windows while keeping the cost to you low. Call us on 020 8987 8071 for a free sash window quote.

No project too small or big

At Elite Builders London, we welcome window projects of all sizes. We can replace or repair only a few windows or fit in windows for a new build. All we need to handle the window project is your specifications and timeframes.

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How are our sash windows priced?

Our sash windows are priced based on style, stain, colour, width, woodwork, height, ironmongery option, glass panels and so on. The cost of having one of our sash windows installed will also depend on the type of timber, any special detailing, the glazing type you choose and so on.

For a more tailored quote, please get in touch with us today to claim a free estimate. Your personalised quote would be built around your specific window requirements.

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Keeping it simple, after you get in touch with us, we will send over one of our experts to conduct an on-site inspection, provide you with advice and a free no-obligation sash window quote. We favour repairs and preservation and will not try to sell replacing your sash windows when the use of the original joinery and repair of the sash window is the best option. Get in touch today but filling one of our forms, or call our sash window experts on 020 8987 8071 for advice, guidance or a free window quotation.

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Are sash windows energy-efficient?

The truth is, there is no window that is completely energy-efficient. To make a window energy-efficient, the window needs draft proofing or insulation. In order to make sash windows energy efficient, wen ensure the seals are good and can offer double or triple glazing.

Would I need a listed building consent to have my sash windows replaced?

If your house is in a conservation area or listed with article 4 directory (which restricts work), you can typically do without planning permission. You would, however, require permission to make alterations to or replace windows. But for repairs, you would not require consent.

Are uPVC sash windows good?

uPVC can be paired perfectly with sash windows without appearing too modern or drawing attention away from the traditional look of sash windows. At Elite Builders we offer beautiful traditional looking sash windows made with uPVC.

Can I have a non-historic sash window replaced?

Yes, you can. If your window has a current replacement that doesn't follow the historic pattern or contribute to the historic character of your property, then having it replaced with one that matches the character of your property would be better. You can look at similar houses nearby or old photographs for the best option.

What is the lead time for installation?

Because our sash windows are bespoke, there are a number of factors that determine the lead time, some of them include fracture capacity, the material of your choice and so on.

Why should I choose uPVC sash window?

Reasons to go with a uPVC sash window are: uPVC sash windows are easy to maintain, inexpensive, energy-efficient and durable. As an added benefit, uPVC windows come in various colours and style. They are also the also look traditional and elegant.

Will my sash window be more energy-efficient if I have it replaced?

If the reason you are replacing your historic window is that you want to improve thermal performance, we recommend you look to other methods like the use of shutters, double glazing and draft proofing. Thermally upgrading your window needs to be approached holistically - the entire building should be considered. The heat that is lost from your window would vary depending on the size of the window and the ratio of the outside wall area. Using the whole building approach would help us better understand if thermal efficiency can be increased without the window having to be replaced.

What material is best for replacing sash windows?

One of the most expensive options is clad wood which has the traditional look, is energy efficient and low maintenance. The vinyl option is inexpensive, offers good energy performance but doesn't have the traditional details. It is also a bit heavier.

Should I have my sash window replaced or repaired?

We prefer restoring and waterproofing period timbers sashes as opposed to having them replaced, when possible. The only time we recommend a repair is when the window is beyond salvage or if there is nothing left in place. Then we manufacture an authentic replacement. In our experience, a lot of issues with timber windows can be fixed - rotten frames, foggy windows, sticking sashes and so on. To determine if your sash window should be replaced or repaired, please get in touch with us today, a sash window specialist will be to inspect your sash window and offer an expert opinion.

Can my existing sash windows be double glazed?

Double glazing is done for comfort and energy efficiency, so yes your existing sash window can be double glazed.

How do I stop draft?

One of the ways to draft proof your sash windows is to use timber/plastic beading or weatherstripping. To preserve the style of sash windows, we recommend heritage timber beads.

Can sash windows to be soundproofed?

Yes, they can. If you would like to do away with the constant streams of irritating and intrusive noise coming through sash windows, we can provide you with multiple soundproofing solutions to increase the noise insulation of your sash windows. We can soundproof using acoustic glass, discreet secondary glazing and more. Regardless of the solution we use, we can guarantee the noise coming through your sash window will be drastically reduced. Please note, the extent to which your problem will be solved would depend on how the loud noises, how much it bothers you and how much you're willing to spend on the window.

Are your sash windows weatherproofed?

Yes, they are. Our sash windows have a casket system one on the frame and one on the sash.

What type of wood is used for wooden sash windows?

Wooden sash windows are built from hardwood or softwood. We offer both options at Elite Builders London. Our woods are sustainably sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and timber is weather-sealed to prevent warping, shrinking or rot.
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