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Today, new build houses are built and designed to meet 21st century standards (conserve energy and reduce carbon footprint). At Elite Builders London, we have tonnes of experience in the construction of sustainable, modern new build homes.

Our services are bespoke and tailor-made to the individual requirements of our construction clients, and their specific site conditions. We can help with the design of the new build or work from an existing building plan. Using high-quality materials, our building professionals can project-manage new builds and deliver the expected results quickly and efficiently. We have all trades at our disposal and can provide support on building sites, or take over the full new build project.

What Are the Benefits of New Builds?

Higher specifications

On average, new builds are constructed to a much higher specification than older homes because of modern building regulations and materials.

Low maintenance

New builds require low maintenance and will not need refurbishment or repairs for years to come. Most come with a 10 year building guarantee.

Increased value

New builds are of greater value in the market because of all the features they come with. If you decide to sell your home in a couple of years, the money you will get for your new home will tend to be higher than for an older home of comparable size.


When you buy an already built home, you are stuck with a lot of the previous owner’s choices. With a new build, you get to choose the features and fittings for yourself. New build construction gives you a blank page to do exactly what you want.

Our Guarantee

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Low-energy bills

The double glazing and other modern insulation systems used in new builds make the structure more energy-efficient than older houses of the same size – this results in less money spent on energy bills.

Newer innovations

New build homes adopt the latest innovations and technologies. Your new build home will be built with the latest best practice in the construction industry.

Make the most of available space

New homes are built to make use of every inch of space. Research shows that about 17% of living space in older properties often goes unused, in monetary terms this means £34,000 of a £200,000 house goes to waste.

Sectors we Cover


At Elite Builders London, our team is made up of experienced new build specialists who have finished multiple new build projects successfully. Whether it is a one-off build or full development, our skilled operators are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to take on your commercial new build projects.


We have the manpower and tools to undertake a large industrial design and new build project, even those that feature complex industrial electrical systems. We have a mixed works team that can handle all aspects of industrial new builds.


Our domestic design and build package is suitable for all kinds of residential buildings – large residential apartment blocks, student housing, nursing homes, and so on.

Our New-build Services

Design and build

Elite Builders London is your one-stop construction company. We take away the need to divide your project among various construction firms because we offer all the services you need. We can help with the initial sketches, all the way to the finishing of the construction. Thus, we provide our clients with foundations, thorough planning and development documents, feasibility studies, and generate a  comprehensive scope and plan of work.

One of our strengths at Elite Builders London is the involvement of our clients all through the construction process. Our clients provide valuable feedback which helps us deliver the new build they envisioned.

Architectural services

The Elite Builders London design team is made up of reliable and experienced architects who provide exceptional architectural designs for various newbuild projects in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Our design team can also help with planning applications and permission, building control programs, tender drawings, and interior design.

Concrete work

We use special machines to transfer liquid concrete through a pump when carrying out concrete work for new builds. We use a trailer-mounted boom pump, which is remote-controlled and has a  robotic arm that places concrete accurately. Boom pumps are used on a lot of larger construction projects because they can pump high volumes and save you a lot in labour costs

Construction services

Elite Builders  London is one of the top construction firms in London. We deliver all kinds of construction services for new build projects for sports complex, community homes, industrial buildings, new house developments, and more.


Roofing is one part of a new build construction that is very important. Roofs should be waterproofed to prevent damp issues.

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Plastering and rendering

With more than 10 years experience in the construction trade, our plastering contractors and specialists can coat rendering solutions on residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. The rendering solution we use is selected to match the individual project and budget. When you engage us, our team of experts will be on the ground to give you what they want, in compliance with all relevant building regulations.


Our team of engineers at Elite Builders London have the experience to deliver high quality but cost-effective maintenance services. We deliver fast and effective services for all kinds and sizes of projects, from small residential projects to large and complex buildings. Whatever the category, we provide our customers with the same quality finish.


We can handle all piling and retaining wall requirements. We have successfully provided clients with the technical, logistical, and operational expertise they need to deliver new build foundation systems. From small projects to multi-unit structures, Elite Builders London can deliver whatever piling solutions you request.

Painting and decorating

A new build is not complete without a coat of paint and some interior decoration work. Elite Builders London can help with the decoration of your new build.

Project management

Our detailed, collaborative and inclusive management style ensures the entire process goes on smoothly and the working relationship between all parties is harmonious. Elite Builders London can manage all the aspects of your project, from design and planning to engineering and construction. Our portfolio features some of London’s finest addresses and includes various new builds and refurbishment projects of small residential flats, commercial units, listed buildings, extension, basement conversions, and more.

Our New Build Construction Process


Following the concept stage, our designers will produce concept sketches and designs and work closely with you to build the final set of plans for the construction phase. It is at this stage that you can also handpick fixtures and fittings, and the building materials you prefer – think vinyl floor versus wood.


Using innovative architectural solutions, we develop the concepts design, sketch the layout option and explore the property potential. This process can take as long as you require. We’ll only move on to the next phase after all the issues have been discussed and alternatives are considered.


At this stage, you can relax and await the final results. Our construction team will begin building your project under the supervision of the dedicated project manager we assign to your site. The construction process first begins with site preparation and demolition when necessary. This is followed by the laying of the foundation. Then the actual build. At this stage, we make sure the right people, tools and materials are used on-site at all times for a seamless build.


This is the stage where finishing work is done – tiles laid, walls painted, floors installed, interior decor underway and so on, all depending on your preferred finish. When your project is completed, we will provide you with a gas and electricity safety certificate and all other relevant documents.

Why Choose Us?

What separates Elite Builders London from other construction companies in London?

A small and friendly team

Our in-house team of designers, architects, construction specialists and so on work very hard to ensure your new build experience is enjoyable and stress-free. As a company, we are small enough to offer the support and help you need when necessary, and big enough to efficiently manage your project and safely deliver on a new build.

Industry connections

In our 10 years of being in business, we have built a high-quality supply chain and strong relationships with a lot of leading manufacturers. We also have the knowledge and experience at our disposal to ensure the health and safety of your site and new build.

Fair price

Our service is very personalised and this is reflected in our rates as well. We offer a wide variety of solutions to ensure you get only the best when you work with Elite Builders London.

High standard

All Elite Builders London newbuild homes are designed, built and developed to the highest standards. We use the latest innovations and materials to make sure your new build offers great value. We want you to be able to enjoy your new build without the need for renovations for a long time. If you decide to sell at a later time, we want you to get great returns on your investment.


The Elite Builders London team is made up of experienced professionals who have the relevant knowledge to deliver a complete newbuild. We will work carefully to produce your vision. We have successfully brought numerous new builds from designs to reality. What’s more, our tradesmen are accredited to work on all kinds of new building projects.

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Wealth of experience

Our team at Elite Builders London have worked on all kinds of building projects, from large-scale sites for national housebuilders to small development for regional builders. With us, the new build construction process will be easy. We’ll take care of everything – the design, planning, getting building approvals and the construction itself. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy your new property.

Health and safety compliant

At Elite Builders London, we adhere to the strict health and safety standards stipulated by the construction industry as well as all building regulations.  For your safety, we carry out our work in an efficient and safe manner.

Our new builds are constructed in compliance with all the relevant health and safety regulations and the construction industry stipulations. We only use the most innovative technology and tried-and-tested systems, as well as source materials from well-established manufacturers. We can guarantee the new build we’ll deliver will be inexpensive, practical, and environmentally safe.

Request a new build construction quote

At Elite Builders London, we offer free estimates.  You can get our expert advice and ask questions about the options we have available for you. Following the estimate we provide, we will produce a quote based on your choice of materials and the size of your new projects.

Please note that our estimates and quotes come with no obligation. But if you choose to work with our team, we will deliver premium quality results within the project timeframe.

If you would like to discuss your new build project, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Call 020 8987 8071 or fill out our contact form to make an inquiry. We look forward to addressing your query and working on your new build project.

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How long does it take to build a house?

Building a new home can take anywhere between 2 or 4 months to reach completion. In some instances, it can take up to 6 months, if there is inclement weather, construction supply is delayed or if you request changes during the construction phase of the building.

Do newbuild homes offer more value?

To get the most value for your money, you would need to use the property for a while. The truth is new builds, like new cars, depreciate the moment you begin to use them. Therefore, you should not expect to get your money back if you sell within a year or two.

Which is cheaper, buying or building a home?

Eco-friendly homes often cost more to build upfront, but the cost can be justified and made up for from the long-term savings on energy bills.

Are new builds better than older homes?

New builds are more energy-efficient than older homes and offer better insulation. In addition, new builds are better equipped to cater to the realities of modern life. So, yes, new builds are often better than older houses.

Is a new construction more expensive?

Yes. New build homes cost about 70% more than resold homes, as stated by national median price data - which goes back to 1916. However, it's important to note that median prices are not fail-proof because they are influenced by both low-priced and high-priced properties and the market direction.

How long does a new build house last?

The lifespan of a new build is something that is heavily debated. In 1992, it was said that newbuild properties will have a lifespan of 60 years. Today, according to the Local Government Association, some newbuild homes may last 2000 years

How much will a New Build cost?

To determine the specific cost of your new build project, we have to conduct a survey of your project site first. Typically, we operate on an hourly rate, but we can alter our payment model to meet your requirements, the size of the job or your specific situation.

Can you build within my budget?

When undertaking newbuild projects, we work closely with our clients to make sure their dream home is built within their budget outlay and a realistic time frame outline from the get-go. Over the years, we have helped our clients actualise their dreams of owning their own property by bringing their plans to life. If you need a construction company that understands how to fully work on newbuild projects in London, we are the company of choice. To get started, call us today.
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