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Elite Builders London can help give your property an extra layer of security and comfort with a double glazed door or some new double glazed windows.

We can also help add a beautiful double glazed conservatory to your property for some extra space. At Elite Builders London, we offer a lot of options for you to choose from; if the right solution isn’t available, we can custom build window products to suit your vision.

Our double glazing offers incredible style and amazing performance for residential and commercial properties. We strive to ensure our double glazed doors/windows meets and exceed the building regulation codes so that your home gets the latest standard in terms of double glazing security and efficiency.

What is double glazing?

A double glazed unit features two panes of glass joined together with a gas or air gap in between the two glass panes. Double glazing is the modern variation of the storm windows and double-hung windows (traditionally made using one pane of glass).

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How does double glazing work?

Double glazed windows are made up of two annealed laminated or tempered glass sheets. These sheets are separated by a spacer bar decorated cavity which allows air to be contained in it which provides insulation. To keep out extra moisture from the double glazing as well as efficiently trap heat, two seals are affixed to the glass- the primary and secondary seals.

What are the benefits of having a double glazed window installed?

Double glazing is designed to provide better insulation than traditional glazing. Properties lose heat through windows which is why the installation of energy-efficient double glazing is an effective method for this reducing energy bills whilst at the same time keeping your home quieter and warmer.

A double glazed window provides a barrier that reduces the amount of heat that is let out from your house into the open. This feature makes it possible for your house to remain warm during the winter months and keeps the heat outside during the hot summer months. The supreme insulation provided by double glazed windows makes it possible for you to enjoy cool summers and warmer winters.

What’s more, double glazing can last for 25+ years and over time it will save you lots of money in utility bills that you can save off which could offer a balance to the cost of a new window. Another important benefit for families is the extra security the double glazing gives. There is no price for the safety of your family as well as your possessions. In fact, insurance offers a discount on premiums if your home is fitted with double glazing.

Multiple double glazed window styles and types for any home

Sash Windows

Sash and case windows are traditional designs and this is why it is our goal to make them as traditional looking as possible when having them double glazed. To this end, we offer a carefully selected range of leading double glazing sash windows. Our double glazed units are installed using different materials to match individual specifications. For double glazed sashes in listed buildings and conservation areas, we use slimline units. We have adjusted the profile of our sashes to ensure that maximal detail is attached to the timber moulding and to ensure optimal energy efficiency.

Casement double glazed windows

Even today, casement windows are still a very popular style for replacement windows because it is functional, durable and comes in various designs and styles. Casement windows have a look that adds a classic charm to London homes. In addition, custom casements windows are flexible as they can be customised to fit its various configurations and frame finishes.

Tilt turn windows

Tilt and turn windows are perfect for all seasons. They can be tilted inwards to provide ventilation or can be opened outwards like a door. This feature makes tilt and turn windows perfect for a lot of homes.

Bay windows

With the ever-popular Bay windows, you can embellish or add to the existing character your home. The windows have a unique six-chamber system that can be used to achieve an A rating or with specific glass combinations, offering multiple benefits.

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French-style casement windows

Elite Builders London has been supplying customers in London for 10 years with high-quality French windows. If you need new, replacement or to repair French-style casement windows then get in touch today on 020 8987 8071.

Aluminium windows

Aluminium is naturally strong, which means that superslim profiles can be fitted to allow natural light to come into your home and give your space a sleek and elegant design regardless of your property style. Aluminium glazing comes in a range of colours to match the interior of your property.

UPVC windows

One of the major benefits of using UPVC double glazed windows is the array of colour choices available. The multiple colours and finishes of our UPVC range mean that you can find the style options suitable for each of your properties. At Elite Builders London, you are guaranteed to find the exact style and finishing you need for your home.

Wooden/timber windows

At Elite Builders London, we also offer high-performance double glazed timber windows. Our range of timber windows gives the homeowner the traditional look that is great for older properties with the convenience of modern windows. There is strong evidence to suggest that a properly maintained quality timber window can last for over a century.

The double glazing services we offer at Elite Builders London

Double glazing accessories

We offer a wide selection of energy-efficient window styles that can be customised using different glass style accessories and in multiple colours that complement your home. We offer you a wide array of hardware options and accessories that are designed to complement the unique features of the double glazed window you select.

Double glazing installations

Our precision-engineered double glazing is installed in a way to offer many years of performance and beauty. What’s more, they are very low maintenance. Every single door and window we offer provides exceptional thermal efficiency, incredible security and optimal weather protection designed for the utmost comfort of your living space.

Double glazing supply

Elite Builders London can quickly turnaround and supply a complete range of double glazed units in London. We also have relationships with suppliers of double glazing and can source just about any window product you require.

Double glazing upgrades

Are you currently looking to upgrade or renew your current double glazed window in London? Elite Builders London can help you achieve that by delivering top-quality double glazing upgrades for your home.

Why Choose double glazing windows from Elite Builders London?

Guaranteed double glazing

As leading double glazed experts, Elite Builders London have years of experience in the installation and manufacture of double glazed products. We offer a guarantee of 10 years for all our installations and our window products come with long manufacturer guarantees.

Double glazing for every budget

We understand at Elite Builders London that every client has a unique taste and different budget so our double glazing selection is flexible so that you can create the perfect match for your home improvement projects.

Affordable double glazing solutions

Are you currently looking for affordable double glazing solution in London, get in touch with Elite Builders London today to discuss your requirements. We have a wide selection of double glazing styles that will be perfect for any building. Our double glazing systems are made from the finest quality materials, yet are affordable.

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Trustworthy double glazing installers

Elite Builders London is a reliable double glazing installer in London. We deliver tastefully designed and perfect windows that are in compliance with structural regulations. Our customer service team is

excellent and our clients have nothing but praise for our glazing services.

Wealth of experience

With over 10 years of experience in the double glazing industry and in installing double-glazing windows, we can guarantee the delivery of a superb job every time you call us on 020 8987 8071. Our double glazed windows are installed perfectly, with no draughts.

Superior Double Glazing in London

All the windows at Elite Builders London have been subjected to rigorous checks to make sure that we deliver only the best windows. When you select any of our modern double glazing options, you will get exceptional service and exceptional value for your money in your projects.

What is the cost of double glazing?

There are different factors that influence the final cost of your double glazing installation- the size of the window you wish to have installed, the style of the window, the number of windows being installed, the materials the frames are to be made from and where you live in London. Call us for a double glazing quote on 020 8987 8071.

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Will having double glazing installed increase the value of my property?

Double glazing provides more than just energy savings, it can also increase the value of your property. Double glazing is highly desirable and can be the difference between whether someone puts an offer in on your home or not.

What are the disadvantage of double glazing?

The space between the two panes of glass traps air and forms a layer of insulation. In the event that the seal isn't airtight, there will be condensation that appears between the panes which cannot be fixed easily. In addition, once double glazing is sealed, the pane cannot be pulled apart to be repaired. The entire window will have to be replaced. These are only really a problem if the glazing is not done with skill and attention to detail. At Elite Builders London, we make sure the job is done properly.

Can blown double glazing be fixed?

Yes, it is possible to repair cloudy or misty double glazing without changing the entire window as the glass can just be replaced. This job can be quickly done, all that is required is that we take out the glass units that you want to replace and get the window back to its original condition.

How thick is double glazing?

The average thickness for double glazing is about 4MM be pane.

Are all double glazing the same?

Replacement doors and windows are different in terms of their ability to keep heat, lifespan, the ability to keep out high winds, the security and weather resistance.

What makes double glazing energy efficient?

When the glass is heated up, it conducts heat quickly. With double glazing, there is a layer of gas or air between two panes of glass. The thin layer of air in double glazed windows serves as a heat insulator-that is it traps the heat and stops it from circulating and results in less conduction and reduces the overall loss of heat.

How long does double glazing last?

Typically on average, the lifespan of double glazing is about 20 years. Depending on use and where it is located, the window life can vary anywhere from 10 to 35 years.

Will I require planning permission to have double glazed windows installed?

You might have to get planning permission to fit in a new double glazed window in your maisonette or flat. However, you will usually not require permission to add internal secondary glazing. Another instance where you may not need planning permission is if the fitted window is very similar to the current one- that is a like-for-like replacement.

What can I use to clean my double glazing?

Take a simple mixture of four parts water with one-part vinegar in microfibre cloth and wipe the window clean in a circular motion. To get as much grime off the windows as possible, you will need to keep topping up your cloth with the mixture.

What is the best glass to use for double glazing?

The glass that is usually used for double glazed windows for optimal thermal insulation is low-E or low-emissivity glass. This type of glass is best for cold regions where a lot of heat control is needed indoors. This glass is more energy-efficient and leads to a reduction in heating bills.

Will double glazing make a difference for me?

A lot of benefits come from using double glazing over single glazed windows (one pane of glass no layer of glass in between). Double glazing means that your home is warmer and better insulated. This reduces draughts and also saves you energy heating bills. In addition, double glazing helps keep noise out so you do not hear as much noise from the outside.

Can I fit my new windows myself?

Being able to fit your window yourself will depend on your skill level and type of project. An insert replacement window means that the existing frame and trim are left in; this is a project that you may be able to handle. However, a full-frame replacement window requires a complete tear-out and replacement of the existing one, and it is best left to window professionals.

Can my window have double glazing in my home located in a conservation area?

Properties located in a conservation area and listed building are under the purview of the planning act of 1990. Although this sounds like it will make window planning much harder, all it means is that you will need to ask for permission before you can make changes to your window. It’s normally still possible to install double glazing.

Can double glazing reduce noise?

Double glazing is an excellent way to soundproof the ambient noise level in a room. These levels are typically below 65 dB. In some cases, extra soundproofing measures need to be put in place to ensure that the window can be adequately soundproofed.

What is double glazing U-value?

Double glazing U value, aka heat transfer coefficient, is used to measure the effectiveness of the various elements in buildings, such as insulators. It is a measure of the thermal resistance of the building. When the double glazing value is low, it means that the building's fabrics release heat slowly.

What is a casement window?

Casement windows are basic windows which feature hinges on one side. These hinges are affixed to the frame and used to open the window - all you have to do is swing it out. Traditionally, the hinges on a casement window are on the side but you can have them at the bottom or the top. If it’s at the bottom, the window swings open from the top to bottom and vice versa.

Can I have my existing window double glazed?

Yes, it is possible to have an existing window double glazed. All that is required is an extra layer of glazing attached at the top. Your existing window can also be double glazed with the fitting of a panel that separates the moulding and is secured on the inside of your existing window. Double glazing existing windows is easier for timber and aluminium windows. Most people do replace single glazing with a complete double glazing system though.

What makes double glazing energy efficient?

Double glazing is designed to trap the maximum amount of heat in your home and provide excellent thermal insulation. Because of this feature, the installation of energy-efficient glazing will help reduce energy bills and the amount of heat that leaves via your windows.

What is the right double glazing to buy?

The most popular kinds of double glazed windows are sash and casement windows because people are looking for greater energy efficiency for older windows. Typically, casement windows are the cheaper option as opposed to the dual turn which is regarded as the most expensive. At the end of the day, your choice will depend on your budget, what you have in place now, and the windows that will look good on your property.

What is quadruple glazing?

Quadruple glazing (quadruple-pane insulating glazing) is a four glass pane type of insulated glazing. Quadruple glazing typically comes with low emissivity coating and insulating glass in the cavities in between the glass panes.

Is triple glazing better than double glazing in the UK?

When compared to double glazing, triple glazing is the more cost-effective, energy-efficient option as more heat can be trapped indoors.

Is secondary glazing and double glazing the same?

No. Although secondary glazing and double glazing work in a very similar manner, the difference in secondary glazing is that instead of both panes being used on the same window, secondary panes are attached to the current single panel window from the inside. For this reason, the pressure difference between the inside and outside are the same.

What is triple glazing?

The difference between double and triple glazing is the extra layer of glass that is included in the installation. Triple glazing features three panes of glass, normally separated by argon gas.
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