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Currently looking to complete a list of carpentry jobs, like building bespoke shelves, fixing door frames, flooring, roofing, skirting or building anything else from wood? You will need to hire the services of a carpentry service company. Carpentry is a professional skill that involves diverse woodwork competencies. Hiring a handyman is not the right thing to do because carpentry requires the knowledge of a master craftsman with the right tools and skills to tackle the task at hand.

Elite Builders London offers bespoke carpentry services for walk-in wardrobes, shelves, handmade doors, decking, skirting, roofing, kitchens and everything else. Our carpentry team is made up of experienced carpenters who will work with you to make outstanding end products. You can trust the carpentry service we provide at Elite Builders London to be done to your specifications, on time and within your budget. Our joiners and carpenters have over 10 years of experience, having worked on both domestic and commercial properties. We deliver top-class carpentry services every time.

Our Guarantee

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  • Over 40 years Combined Experience
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For our residential clients, Elite Builders London offers project management, timber frame building, and carpentry services. We design and build functional and beautiful timber frame buildings from the ground up, roofs (hand-cut and trussed), joists, external cladding, kitchen fitting, and the first and second fix.


Elite Builders London specialises in the delivery of carpentry services for commercial spaces, project management, and providing first fix and second fix carpentry. Some of our commercial carpentry services include cut and pitch roofing, pre-hung door sets, truss roofing, traditional door sets, flooring and kitchens.

Our carpentry services


Need new doors hung or old ones made good? Elite Builders London woodwork experts will ensure you are completely satisfied with your doors. We can also make you a custom new door. Need handles changed, hinges altered or a safety chain added? We’ve got you covered. Our carpenters at Elite Builders London are fully trained and qualified to tackle any problem with your door. What you get after we are done is a fully functional door. We have worked on lots of new build projects and have extensive experience on multi site projects operating as lead carpentry contractors.

Custom cabinetry solutions

If custom-built furniture using your own designs are what you want, Elite Builders London will bring it to life. We can also work with carpentry design ideas found on the Internet or via other design projects.

We are very meticulous in our approach to the creation of bespoke wooden items, ensuring preparation and measurements are taken carefully. Based on your design requirements, the design idea and the situation on-site, we present a 2-D drawing, or a 3d sketch or CAD image of the proposed item for review before commencing work.


Elite Builders London is an experienced carpentry service firm with extensive experience of fitting fully bespoke design kitchens. We always strive to ensure the kitchen you get is the one you truly desire. With Elite Builders London, your kitchen can be social space for entertaining and the heartbeat of your home. If you need multiple kitchens in a block of flats or housing development then speak with our carpentry team today on 020 8987 8071.

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For Experts in General Construction and Renovation

Custom shelves

The installation of custom shelves can immediately make your home feel like new. The Elite Builders London carpentry team don’t just install shelves that you’ve bought, we can also custom build custom shelves to meet your specifications, for that home storage unit with a personal touch.

Timber frames

The Elite Builders London carpentry team has the experience necessary to build timber frames for all sorts of properties; multi-storey apartment blocks, traditional-style houses, single developments to multiple plot developments. Presently timber frame floor casket flooring and walls are popular for new builds because of the environmental benefits as well as the speed and how accurately it can be installed. Developers will appreciate our timber frame carpentry services, covering floor panel and wall panel assembly as well.


For the supply and laying of any flooring you desire, look to Elite Builders London. We are a team of fully qualified and trained carpenters with many years of experience in the carpentry trade. We can assist you in whatever manner you need, whether you need us to help with designing your ideal floor, or you need our expert advice on the best flooring products to use. Our aim is to ensure your floor is finished in line with all stipulated requirements.


Our carpentry services include the full design and delivery of joists, eco-joist, loose rafter timber and all associated truss clips and hangers that accompany your project. For your floor joists supply in  London, please contact Elite Builders London today.

General carpentry

The carpentry services we offer at Elite Builders London are all-encompassing. We can provide fitted storage, built-in wardrobes, bespoke staircases and more. Our solutions are elegant, regardless of where they are installed.

Need general carpentry services in London, choose Elite Builders London by calling 020 8987 8071.

Joinery Solutions

You can rely on our highly skilled team of carpenters to take on all kinds of joinery work on your property – externally or internally. We have worked with a lot of main contractors, architects, interior designers and other tradesmen to deliver joinery for all kinds of projects from townhouses to studio flats. We take pride in our ability to deliver personalised professional services to our client every single time, regardless of the size of the joinery project.

External carpentry

A lot of the carpentry work we do involves the creation of timber-framed buildings and extensions using a simple structural element or the design feature of the build made from solid oak timbers. Our external carpentry services cover canopies, porches, floor joists, low-level roofs, cladding, fencing, balconies, decking and pitched roofs.

We also provide bespoke decking and timber landscaping services for spaces with existing features like ponds and swimming pools and construct bespoke playhouses and tree frames.

Why Choose Us?

Premium bespoke carpentry

We understand how personal change to your office or home is. For this reason, we deliver our carpentry services in line with your individual vision and what you hope to achieve through our carpentry services. From the moment you contact us, our highly skilled carpenters will work closely with you to deliver bespoke carpentry end-products that match your exact specifications.

Professional carpentry

Our philosophy at Elite Builders London is simple – exceptional customer service and quality workmanship for all budgets. We strive to save both your time and money, which is why we neither delay projects nor cut corners. Our expertise is built on over 10 years of experience and is a testament to the professional joinery and carpentry services we deliver in London. Whether it is a bespoke kitchen or custom-built wardrobe, we will have it installed within a timeframe that suits you and with minimal disruption to your daily routines.

Projects of all sizes are welcome

We welcome any need for carpentry services. For Elite Builders London, no job is too small, or too big! One-off or regular visits, our carpentry services will be just right for you.

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For Experts in General Construction and Renovation

Unmatched supervision

Carpentry is one of the most involved trades of any build because your carpenter has to be on-site longer than other tradesmen, so we provide high-level on-site supervision (blackhats) across your site, which is something a lot of other carpentry services do not have the capability or structure to do. Our chain of command is clear and our on-site carpenters report to designated contract managers, who in turn report to the head of construction.


Elite Builders London is a team of trustworthy joiners and carpenters in London, who construct some of the best bespoke carpentry solutions in London using the finest materials possible. We will not only turn up for your job on time and with the right tools, but we’ll also ensure that every task we take on is completed with care. When you choose to work with Elite Builders London, what you get is the services of a superior, fully insured carpentry firm.

Top grade service

To ensure the service we deliver is of the highest quality, all our carpenters are fully trained and qualified. We can take on laminate and wood floor fitting, install kitchen units, the full range of joinery and carpentry work. The Elite Builders London carpentry team will do work that conforms with relevant industry standards.

No hidden charges

Before we provide you with a quote, we will run a consultation and survey to fully understand what you require. After this is done, is when we provide you with the final no-obligation quote for our service. Our service quote details the cost of materials and labour to ensure you understand what you are paying for and that there are no surprises.

Peace of mind

All our building jobs are project managed from start to finish. We do everything to ensure each project runs smoothly and to time, so you can relax knowing we have it all under control.

What is the cost of Elite Builders London carpentry services?

The cost of our carpentry service will depend on the size of the job and your specific requirements. Following the on-site survey and consultation, we will give you a detailed carpentry quote. Please note, our quotes come free of charge and you are under no obligation.

You can also compare the quote we provide with those from other carpentry service providers. We have worked very hard to ensure that our rates are competitive and fair for the current market.

Please note, quotes are only valid for three months because the cost of materials is not constant. If you decide to work with us after the quote provides expires, we will have to update your quote.

How to get in touch

To request your free on-site survey and professional consultation before you hire our bespoke carpentry services, please fill out our contact form. Alternatively, you can call us to schedule an appointment with our specialist tradesmen by calling us on 020 8987 8071.

Information about London


What plywood is best for the outdoors?

For external use, BWR (boiling water resistance) plywood are best. BWR plywood-veneer layers are bound together with the use of Phenol formaldehyde (PF) glue. PF glue is a synthetic plastic resin type glue which is why the BWR plywood is water-resistant and can withstand rain.

Why is internal carpentry necessary?

Internal carpentry is more beneficial than the store-bought option because you can make the most of your space. Internal carpentry work can be done around awkward spaces in your room. In addition, because the systems are custom-made, you can have it installed the way you want. You also have a say in the type of wood your furniture should be made from - hardwood or MDF.

What is internal carpentry?

Internal carpentry has to do with the fittings of skirting boards, hanging internal doors, fitted wardrobes and so on.

What is I-joist used for?

I-joist was first invented in 1969. It is an engineered wood product with exceptional strength for its weight and size. Approximately 50% of all wood lights framed floors used I-joist as of 2005. Joists are designed to solve usual problems associated with the use of solid lumens as joists.

What are joists?

A joist is a horizontal structural member used in beams across an open space. Joists are usually between beams that transfer loads to vertical structural members. When joists are included in a floor framing system, they serve to provide sturdiness to the subfloor sheathing, so it can function as a horizontal diaphragm.

What is third fix carpentry?

Third fix carpentry is used to describe the work done after plastering - window fittings, doors, lights and so on. Third fix carpentry installations are often the most used woodwork in a home apart from the floors and stairs, they make up the moving parts that are very essential just like the shoes on your feet. Just like properly fitted shoes can positively impact your day, third fix carpentry work makes your home more comfortable.

What is the difference between a cabinet maker, a joiner, and a carpenter?

One of the major differences between a carpenter and a joiner or cabinet maker is that unlike the cabinetmaker, a carpenter typically works on site. The cabinetmaker or joiner, on the other hand, works in a factory and has it installed later.

What is the job of the second fix carpenter?

Second fix carpenter is tasked with putting finishing touches to all the woodwork of a building. Some of the tasks that a second fix carpenter does include fitting door lining, installation of softwood and hardwood doors, and so on.

What is the work that occurs during the first fix?

The first fix carpentry involves the work includes all the work necessary to take a new build from foundation to the plaster on the walls. It involves the construction of floors, walls, ceilings, the insertion of cables for electrical supply, pipes for water supply, and so on.

What is first and second fix carpentry?

First fix is used to refer to structural work done before the property is plastered. It includes the building of the roof struts, wall studding, floor joists and door frames. The second fix is the finishing, that is, work done after plastering has been completed.

What does bespoke carpentry mean?

Bespoke means we create, design and custom build carpentry solutions like bedrooms, kitchens and various kinds of furniture to meet the specific individual requirements. That is, none of the carpentry services we deliver is mass-produced, not sold in a showroom. Every single project is developed to your requirements; built around your needs and space.

I have to work during the fitting, can I leave you unsupervised in my home?

Yes, you can. All our team members have undergone enhanced CRB police checks. Elite Builders London are verified as 'safe to work' in hospitals, and schools, we are also safe to work in your home.

Will I need planning permission?

This will depend on the type of building project you want to get done, your location and the laws guiding projects as stipulated by your local council. If permits and permissions are needed, we will give you the help that you need to acquire them.

Can you make modifications to existing furniture?

In most instances, yes. We might have to reduce the size of the cabinet or extend a table. Please get in touch with us to get started.

How long does it take to fit furniture?

After your order has been placed and we have received your deposit, we typically build furniture within 2 to 3 weeks. This time frame allows us to have materials delivered and enable our joiners and carpenters to get to work. Once your furniture is ready, we will liaise with you to set a time when it can be installed and delivered. Exact days for installation depends on the number of pieces. On average, it will only take a couple of days at most for the furniture to be treated and finished. During this stage of the process, we will require your presence to ensure the fitting is done to your taste and you can sign off on final delivery.

Will you make a mess?

No. We always try to ensure we leave your space cleaner than we found it. We are a small company, it is possible for us to oversee every job. During installations, dust sheets go on your furniture, hardwood floors, and carpets, so they are protected. At the completion of every job, powder dust extraction is used on all tools.

What happens if I have problems with the furniture you deliver?

All our furniture come with a warranty, so please let us know if there are any problems. We will have it fixed as quickly as possible.

Can you deliver outside of London?

Yes, we can. However, for furniture specially ordered to a destination outside of our regular operation area, we recommend (for economical reasons) you find a local builder to install it. If you choose this option, we will only handle the shipping.

Do you subcontract work?

No. We only use our in-house team to ensure the packing, transport and assembly of furniture is done to meet the highest standards. Our carpenters are fully trained and can handle any problems that occur on a site.
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