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Elite Builders London is a London-based building company that specialises in a diverse array of building services. We cater to residential and commercial needs by employing the most skilled tradesmen in London. We pride ourselves on years of experience in both residential and commercial building sectors. Our services are executed in accordance with all of the regulations of the building sector in general, and in accordance with local planning and building regulations.

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Elite Builders London can undertake work on commercial building projects, such as new office blocks, and extension of existing buildings to general refurbishment and maintenance of commercial premises such offices, shops, restaurants, hotels, schools, and council properties.


Elite Builders London offers a comprehensive range of services for homeowners. We complete residential construction and building services ranging from new homes to extensions, loft conversions, renovations, roofing, and interior decoration.

A selection of Building Services We Offer:

Loft Conversion

At Elite Builders London, we undertake a wide range of designs and convert lofts into amazing spaces. We bring together all the trades needed to complete your loft conversion from start to finish. Contact us to find out how much your loft would cost to convert to a functional space, and what design options you have.

New Builds

Our vision is to transform the lives of our clients by building new homes across London. Our new homes are built to meet modern 21st century standards of energy efficiency and eco-friendliness. We pay a great deal of attention to detail and go all the way to ensure our clients are happy with their new homes. We work both with private individuals, property developers and large construction chains to deliver new build projects.

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Pipe Fitting

When it comes to industrial and commercial pipe fitting, Elite Builders London offers an exhaustive array of services. Our services range from total installations to repairs and refurbishing. Give our experienced engineers a call today to discuss your specifications and we’re sure you’ll be impressed.

Basement Conversions

We have gained a wealth of experience in the basement construction sector and our services range from site excavations to constructing TV/Cinema rooms, kitchens, gyms and pools.


Elite Builders London can carry out either a partial or entire refurbishment. Our numerous years of experience has enabled us to provide first-class refurb services to both domestic and commercial clients in London and its surrounding areas. Our knowledge and experience affords us the opportunity to provide our clients with industry leading refurbishment services, while at the same time recognising and strictly complying with all building regulations and safety guidelines.

Rear Home Extensions

We are advocates of open plan living and, as such, are always excited by the opportunity to extend living spaces. We can remove the rear wall of your property, or turn your back doors into a thouroughfare to your extension and build the extension, and deal with all development permits and building regs. 

We are deeply aware of the importance of natural light and aim to help our clients draw in all the goodness of natural ambience into their homes by installing large bi-folds,

skylights and doors to create a sense of space and brightness within the living area. Our services include the provision of side returns and structural work for our clients.

Architectural Plans

Our architectural plans services include obtaining development permits for London, drawing building plans, architectural extension services, and loft conversions.


Our masonry projects are expertly executed to the satisfaction of our clients. Our work is a testament to our competence in the industry and of how far we’ve come in achieving our construction goals, forging great relationships with architects, engineers, general contractors and property owners.


Over the years we have gained much professional experience in groundworking. We complete the management and delivery of civil engineering projects, groundwork and a variety of projects for modern buildings/homes. We have an experienced groundwork team and have access to all the digging, breaking and moving and handling equipment we need to do an efficient job.


Elite Builders London are plastering experts. Our team of wall finishing specialists can work on internal or external renders of different scales – large, medium or small. Whether it’s installation for buildings, large scale commercial new build projects, or render renovation projects, you can rest assured that we’ll start and complete your projects to the highest possible quality standard. All our finished projects are durable and smooth.

Whether you’re a first-time or returning client, be assured of our competence in executing plastering projects. We strive to deliver great quality, durability and amazing aesthetics whenever we mix our plaster and begin to dab and dot or smooth a surface.

Concrete Works

Expertly delivering concrete works is another service we undertake with great diligence. Our concrete works service includes the completion of concrete structures, whether in-situ or precast. Our services cater to civil engineering and building projects, foundations, formwork, underpinning, concrete placement and reinforcement. Our team possesses the necessary skills to manipulate concrete and complete your project.


When it comes to roofing, we pay extreme attention to detail as we strive to offer the most professionally reliable roofing service possible to our clients. Our service extends to business owners, homeowners and the surrounding boroughs of London. Depending on a client’s financial budget, our service can range from handling a broken tile to installing a completely new roof that meets modern standards.


We have the technical know-how and have expertly executed wood flooring projects on both domestic and commercial properties in London. We strive for excellence in our flooring projects and source the best flooring products from reputable suppliers and manufacturers at large. We can raise floors, install underfloor heating and work with concrete, wood and even slip resistant finishes for wet areas and industrial flooring projects.

Maintenance and Repairs

If you intend to improve your home or office space, you have come to the right place. We have a comprehensive property maintenance service that caters to both domestic and commercial clients. Our building company was founded with the goal of providing 100% customer satisfaction. We offer complete building repairs and maintenance services for both small and larger building projects. 

Why Choose Elite Builders London?


Our highly skilled and experienced tradesmen carried out client projects with a passion to expertly deliver excellence. The Elite Builders London difference is that we work as an extension of you; to deliver your visions. We recognise your objectives and our bespoke building services are designed to meet them.

Our specially trained and skilled personnel have years of experience and include joiners, bricklayers, steel fixers, roofers, plasterers, CAD design specialists, architects and renovation specialists.

Quality Service

With expertly executed projects and a large base of satisfied clients, we have earned a reputation as quality builders who delight in solving complex problems and ensuring expert construction project delivery. We offer building packages to major construction contractors, private homeowners, reputable consulting engineers and the local authorities. We always provide the best possible construction option for any given budget.

Operational Excellence

A strong drive for great quality inspires us to excellence and we continually strive to conquer new ground become a better building company. We are always on the lookout for better ways to build, renovate, design architecture and project manage, and are constantly updating our tools, training and processes.

Our team members make every effort to understand the unique needs of our clients when handling new building projects and they take a solution focused approach in all they do. Our services are hinged on a strong desire for excellence and this has enabled us to thrive in the building industry.


Experience is crucial to the success of our London-based building business. Our experienced team work in homes and commmercial buildings. They are always dedicated to maintaining smooth relationships among clients and workers, and are able to advise and guide other professionals to make projects run well.

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On-Time Delivery

At Elite Builders London we deliver building projects on time and within the stipulated budget. We provide first-class service to our clients no matter the size of their project. As a construction company, we are honest and dependable, transparent and punctual.

Friendly Service

Our company is a small business and the directors enjoy an excellent working relationship. We enjoy meeting the many and varied needs of our clients and deploying the relevant skills required to execute all projects to an extremely high standard.


Reliability is a virtue we take pride in. Situations of being unreachable or dodging calls will never happen with us. Our contractors’ selection process involves a series of rigorous vetting and pre-qualification before they are added to the list. We ensure we are open and honest about the building process and will always answer your questions and address any concerns you may have. We find that normally any issues are due to misunderstandings about the building process itself, and we will always be more than happy to detail how a certain stage or activity fits into the building process.

Health and Safety

We take great pride in meeting the health and safety requirements of every location before work commences. Our focus is on the protection of employees, contractors and the general public. We provide an accident-free environment for all.

Costs and Quotes

Our company provides a free, no-obligation construction quote for our clients. The quotation is normally sent in writing through email, following a site visit. Please note that information submitted to the company will not be passed on to any third party accept in order to facilitate your project. To get a price for your construction project call us today on 020 8987 8071 or fill out your details in our contact form. 

Information about London


If you have questions about our construction service, take a look at the most frequently asked questions below. Contact us on 020 8987 8071 or fill out the enquiry form below if your construction questions are not answered in this page.

Who is Responsible for Health and Safety on a Construction Site?

Although you must play your part by being conscious of your safety, the main contractor on site or the building company employer is responsible for the health and safety of all workmen and the general public. The enforcing body for health and safety in Great Britain is the government agency known as Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

What Documents Are Needed for Construction?

This depends on the size and scope of the project, because the documents used in a construction projects vary. However, some common documents include drawings, financial records, permits, construction contracts, plans and specifications.

What Sort of Information Do I Need to Provide for My Project?

Provide information that gives a detailed breakdown of the project in view, such as work schedule, contract details (if any) and working drawings. These items will aid us in drafting an appropriate building quote.

Can You Source All Required Materials And Manage Our Required Works?

Of course. Most of our construction jobs require us to source materials and do all moving and handling. We see to it that each building project is executed to the best standards possible. In our experience, we've observed that clients sometimes suffer from false economy (outstanding costs and no savings) when they attempt to source materials themselves and manage multiple tradesmen. You'll fare better if you enlist the services of an honest and reliable company to execute your project from start to finish.

What Do You Do With Construction Rubbish?

Our construction staff cart away all rubbish and leftovers. Skips are used for removing larger leftovers. We have a recycling policy at the office and rubbish is disposed of responsibly. Elite Builders London complies with housekeeping practices and adheres strictly to environmental policies.

What Does Rendering Mean?

Rendering is a process of achieving a smooth surface by applying mixed cement to the internal and external walls of a house. It is similar to the plastering technique, but fire rating qualities and waterproofing constitute part of render criteria.

How Big Can a Rear Extension Be?

Single-storey rear extensions must not exceed the rear wall of the main house - with no more than three metres for an attached house and four metres for a detached house.

What is the Best Type of Foundation for a House?

As long as a foundation is solidly built, no foundation is better than the other. There really is no major reason to choose one foundation over the other, apart from the topography of your plot. Choosing the foundation type for your new home depends on your preference, budget, and the advise of the building team..

What is Basement Construction?

This refers to that part of the house that is partially or totally below ground level. Basements can be transformed using treated wood, precast concrete, poured concrete, brick and concrete block. The more the depth of a basement increases, the more expensive it is to construct the basement.

Can I Start a Building while I’m Waiting on Planning Permission?

The temptation to commence work by employing contractors and starting construction is almost irresistible, but be mindful that you may be subject to a planning breach. Fortunately, not all home extensions require planning permission. We can guide you on the construction rules. Many home improvement projects can be done under Permitted Development Rights, including single-storey extensions - as long as it adheres to government guidelines (Check out It highlights the full list of caveats). Therefore, it is useful to apply for a Lawful Development Certificate to ensure your extension is lawful. Discard any advice that says otherwise.

Can you Apply for Planning Permission on Someone Else’s Land?

Yes. It is legal to initiate a planning application on someone else’s land. Permission to build has more to do with the land than the owner.

Can you Guarantee Construction Planning Permission?

Be aware that a guarantee for planning permission can’t be given, and the planning permission process is at the mercy of the relevant authority. However, during application submission, consideration is given to the particular local authority guidelines and statutory requirements to ensure that we have the best chance of success.
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